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Breaking Bad Creator WISHED TO CREATE A GTA-Like Game PREDICATED ON Show

A photos shows Walter White and Jessie looking back while sitting in a car.

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Probably the most critically acclaimed and popular Television shows of recent decades was Breaking Bad on AMC. Its spin-off, Better Call Saul, in addition has been hugely popular and successful. Now, before Sauls final episode, the creator behind both shows, Vince Gilligan, has confirmed that there have been plans and attempts to produce a video game occur the Breaking Bad universe, nonetheless it never happened. And he warns those still wanting a casino game never to hold their breath.

As spotted by, Gilligan appeared on a recently available bout of the IN THE Gilliverse podcast to speak about the ultimate episodes of Better Call Saul, Breaking Bads legacy, and the continuing future of the franchise and its own characters. But at one point in the podcast, Gilligan was asked concerning the insufficient Breaking Bad video gaming and if that they had ever wished to create a game occur that universe. Surprisingly, Gilligan was very candid, admitting they had tried to obtain a game made, but that it just never happened for various reasons.

Im very little of a gaming player, but how will you not know Grand Theft Auto? said Gilligan on the podcast. I recall saying to the guys[who are] off running Apple nowwho said yes originally to Breaking Bad Who owns Grand Theft Auto? Cant you’ve got a module, cant there be considered a Breaking Bad [add-on]? Still is practical if you ask me!

It seems Gilligan is suggesting that at one point he or his people contacted Rockstar Games about making something predicated on Breaking Bad, though by their own admittance, hes not just a big gamer, so its unclear. No matter who he talked to about creating a GTA-like Breaking Bad game, it never happened. Which isnt the only real time a Breaking Bad game was discussed, planned, and eventually shelved.

There were several attempts at video gaming, said Gilligan. Plus some of them sort of sort of managed to get to advertise. We tried to accomplish a VR experience with the Sony PlayStation VR headset. We did a mobile game that lasted for a time

In accordance with Gilligan, plenty of energy and effort and talent went into writing new storylines for different games that never happened. Even though a mobile game premiered, it barely lasted per year before shutting down in 2020 with little fanfare. For why none of the projects and planned games ever happened, it appears to just drop to a straightforward fact: Video gaming certainly are a pain in the ass to create.

Creating a gaming is damned hard, from what little I learned through this technique, admitted Gilligan. It literally takes a long time and huge amount of money, especially when you’re attempting to break new ground with VR and whatnot. Never quite found fruition. Its a shame.

Another possible roadblock is that Gilligan and his team have become concerned about making certain anything with the Breaking Bad name onto it is around their high-quality standards. Through the podcast, he joked concerning the infamously bad E.T. game for the Atari 2600, joking they didnt want a casino game in line with the show that has been so very bad it finished up buried in a desert. Instead, any game using Breaking Bad characters and occur that world would need to be great and would need to include everything.

With all having said that sufficient reason for Better Call Saul overall later this month, plus Gilligan saying he’s got no plans to revisit the franchise any time in the future, it appears unlikely the planet are certain to get the Breaking Bad game it deserves. Actually, Gilligan warned those who may be looking forward to a GTA-like game starring Walter White that you shouldnt hold your breath onto it ever happening at this stage.

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