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Breaking the Spell: A Film Overview of Uncle Tom II


Uncle Tom IIthe new film by Executive Producer Larry Elder and Director Justin Maloneopens with a go of Chad Jackson (proprietor of Chad O. Jackson Plumbing) preparing a plumbing site having an excavator. Its a beautifully photographed scene of an intensely focused son operating a complex machine to be able to build something.

His attention is fond of the act of constructive work, so when Jackson (who is undoubtedly a black man) makes clear, his plumbing enterprise has given him a solid sense of selfas a booming business proprietor and dignified free citizen of america. Because the film unfolds, the viewer realizes that his life and work are an undeniable refutation of this is of black Americans as victims of systemic racism.

The initial Uncle Tom film, released almost exactly 2 yrs ago, was also a refutation of the black victimhood narrative. The initial film featured character studies of notable black women and men who began their lives with the fact that they could prosper and were not condemned to victimhood. Their belief guided their actions and their actions yielded material success and a solid sense of self. Uncle Tom II accumulates where in fact the first film left off by analyzing the historic and intellectual genesis of the systemic racism doctrine. In Chad Jacksons memorably haunting opening words, My hope is that [film] will break the spellthe spell that a lot of people are under, that keeps them angry, makes them bitter, and blinds them from the reality.

As Jackson and director Malone reveal, this spell has been cast mostly through Marxist ideological indoctrination.

Students of 20th-century history are aware of how Marxist doctrine has poisoned every society where it’s been propagated, defining women and men not as individuals but as members of groups pitted against one another in an electrical battle to the death. Without exception, every self-professed Marxist regime which has ever arrived at power has suspended basic human rights and committed mass murder. Its a very important factor to learn this terrible history (when i have); its quite another to see film footage of women and men shot at point-blank range on the edge of mass graves as punishment to be identified by way of a Marxist regime as members of the proscribed class or group. Malone appears to have spent a lot of the last 2 yrs in film archives, and theres no arguing with the sheer horror of a lot of what he excavated and presents in his film.

A particularly powerful moment includes a famous 1983 interview with KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov where he describes the step-by-step process whereby a society is demoralized and ultimately overthrown by way of Marxist-Leninist ideological indoctrination. This endeavor is achieved primarily by infiltrating the targeted societys educational system to be able to brainwash its youth, thereby rendering a whole generation struggling to draw any sensible conclusions in what is most beneficial because of its families, communities, and country.

As Uncle Tom II unfolds, many viewers could be surprised to start to see the mounting evidence that Bezmenovs explication of Marxist-Leninist activism reveals the anatomy of the Black Power movement in the sixties and the Black Lives Matter organization today.

Malone identifies the main element orchestrators of the organizations and shows the way in which they will have gone about their work of sowing division, anger, despair, and hate. Two of the very most notable are white progressive activists who shaped the Black Power and Black Lives Matter organizations along Marxist-Leninist lines. Both remind me of Mephistophelesthe Spirit that Always Negates, as Goethe memorably introduced the type in Faust (among Marxs favorite plays). What of the men, and many more like them, have indeed cast a spell.

Uncle Tom II can be an extremely ambitious documentary that attempts to cover a massive level of historical and intellectual ground in mere two hours. Although it will probably generate a lot of debate (and vitriolic blowback), it gets the dramatic and documentary potency to break the spellat least among viewers who treat it with open minds.

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John Leake


John Leake studied history and philosophy with Sir Roger Scruton at Boston University. His latest book, co-authored with Peter A. McCullough, M.D., may be the Courage to handle COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

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