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Brian Kellys comedy act wont cut it at LSU

Brian Kelly is having a rough couple of days.

After losing to Florida State 24-23 on Sunday night in excruciating fashion, Kelly arrived to Tuesdays press conference hoping to clear the air and keep carefully the mood light. Several reporters arrived late, and Kelly poked at them in his opening statement. Kelly noted that when some of his players were late they would pay $10 in to the kitty jar as a late tax. What Kelly probably expected were several laughs, perhaps a chuckle. What he didnt expect was this:

Salute to The Advocates LSU football and baseball beat writer, hero and scholar (and Medill alum) Leah Vann for the retort. Vann said that she apologized afterwards and that Kelly was fine after, but I believe theres a more substantial issue at play here with Kelly.

Brian Kelly is wanting to function as funny, personable charisma guy at head coach for LSU and its own simply just no longer working. From attempting to sound Southern but sounding like Foghorn Leghorn at an LSU basketball game (with a fake accent incidentally) to the hilariously awkward dance moves he did having an LSU recruit, it looks like Kelly is wanting to create himself likable never to only LSU fans but LSU boosters. The issue with this is the last coach LSU hired (and promptly fired) was the comedy and charisma guy and he got ousted following a poor season this past year.

Kelly hasn’t been the funny charisma coach, even though hes tried it before. This past year Kelly tried to produce a quip about late game execution following the Irish beat (how ironic) Florida State. Maybe the complete team ought to be executed, Kelly said. Obviously the joke fell flat, and he previously to explain he was invoking coaching great John McKay. Kelly is simply not a funny person.

If Kelly really wants to endear himself to LSU fans and boosters, he is able to do finished . he did at Notre Dame: win football games. Its the biggest reason Scott Woodward is paying him $100 million over 10 years. Not because Kelly was a culture hire, but because in his time at Notre Dame he only had one season below .500. In ways, Vann was right. If Kelly wins games, then people will show respect.

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