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Bricsys 24/7 Embeds Automated Document Management Workflow with Cooperlink CONNECT

The integration accelerates secure data interchange for faster decision making and enables project managers and CxO to produce a unified digital environment, limiting the price of errors arising in repetitive processes and disconnected systems

GHENT, Belgium September 8, 2022 Global provider of design and collaboration solutions, Bricsys, section of Hexagon, announced its partnership with web application platform Cooperlink CONNECT. Bricsys 24/7 users can automatically upload, record and archive documents in real-time from Microsoft SharePoint to Bricsys 24/7, reducing enough time spent manually saving files and re-encoding metadata.

Bricsys, the global provider of design and collaboration solutions

Bricsys, the global provider of design and collaboration solutions

This collaborative two-way integration offers a 100% digitised and automated coordination of information: from the classification and exchange of documents to the validation of technical sheets.

Perfect for users focusing on large construction projects from design to handover of the as-built files, the business-oriented platform enables better collaboration among contractors, owners, architects, and engineering teams because of uniform data available in one central place. This eliminates the chance of project fragmentation, miscommunication and errors which are costly and time-consuming to repair.

Real-time validation tracks changes designed to work-in-progress data. Full transparency across teams allows users to catch any issues when manipulating data across disconnected systems in early development cycles from SharePoint to Bricsys 24/7. The integration also manages API updates, file synchronisation and guarantees predictive prices.

Rahul Kejriwal, CEO of Bricsys, says: Both software complement one another perfectly. Cooperlink CONNECT enables a real-time 2-way integration between Bricsys 24/7 and Microsoft SharePoint (and OneDrive) or perhaps a file server. Through synergies and a substantial expansion of know-how, we are able to offer our customers a broader knowledge management solution and guide our users through their digital transformation journeys.

Axel Palmaers, CEO of Cooperlink says: The power of our technologies to mix is extremely good for construction projects, and we have been excited to utilize Bricsys in this partnership. Avoiding silos of information is increasingly vital that you our customers make it possible for better collaboration among departments, uniform data access in the complete organization also to decrease the costs of errors caused by discrepancies between disconnected systems.

Create rapidly, Cooperlink CONNECT can be acquired to an increasing number of worldwide Bricsys 24/7 customers, regardless of their role.

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About Bricsys

Bricsys (, section of Hexagon, may be the global technology company that creates the BricsCAD category of computer aided design (CAD) products and the Bricsys 24/7 project collaboration platform. We have been relentlessly focused on the success of our customers by offering cost-effective, mission-critical CAD software with industry-leading product support.

Established in Belgium in 2002, Bricsys NV has approximately 300 employees all over the world, partners in a lot more than 80 countries and 1,200 registered application developers.

2022 Bricsys NV. All rights reserved.

About Cooperlink

Cooperlink (, may be the leading technology company enabling construction players to break data silos and automate their workflows without changing their habits. Because of its open platform and its own connectors to third-party systems, Cooperlink creates a secure common data network for multi-disciplinary construction projects.

Established in Belgium in 2017, Cooperlink is really a growing company currently active in Europe and North-America. Collaborators from 500+ efficient builders use Cooperlink every day.

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