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British firm announces plan for Australian lithium plant

The Port Hedland plant will process spodumene – a mineral that is a major source of lithium – from Australian miners to produce an initial 40,000 tonnes per annum of primary LSM. Subsequent expansion is expected to add a further 120,000 tonnes per annum.

Lithium production at the new plant will enable the expansion of the Tees Valley Lithium (TVL) lithium hydroxide plant at the Wilton International Chemicals Park on Teesside in the UK. TVL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alkemy.

Together with TVL’s processing facility, the Alkemy plant in Port Hedland is expected to deliver a low-carbon, de-risked lithium supply chain between Australian spodumene producers and the burgeoning European lithium battery cell market.

Alkemy and TVL director Sam Quinn commented: “Working with leading global metals trader Traxys to source the spodumene feedstock for the Port Hedland LSM plant, Alkemy is now progressing discussions to finalise and secure the optimal site for the Port Hedland LSM plant and the definitive spodumene feedstock agreement to underwrite the development of the plant.

“Building the Port Hedland LSM plant will provide Australian spodumene producers with a complete mid-stream refining solution with direct access to the European market.

“Importantly, it will also bring major downstream processing and value adding to the Pilbara region of Western Australia, with significant multiplier benefits for the local community, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the end-to-end lithium battery cell supply chain to meet new European emissions standards.”

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