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Britney Spears Drops 20 Min-Plus Tell-All Recounting of Conservatorship


4: 33 PM PT — The video has been moved to private, and she’s deleted a tweet promoting it. We watched everything though, and it’s really a doozy. Time will tell if she reuploads or if portions of it were captured prior to the takedown.

Britney Spears‘ story will probably be worth plenty of dough — but she’s forgoing a payday to sit back and speak her truth … and instead, doing an impromptu YouTube dump that’s 20 minutes long.

The singer posted a 22-minute clip on the video platform Sunday out of nowhere, and when you watch it — you will see she’s spilling her guts about everything … with specific concentrate on how the conservatorship started and what she remembers during those a long time.

BS begins by saying that she’s got a whole lot on her behalf mind, and noting that while she’s been offered lucrative deals for exclusive interviews — as with Oprah, for instance — she says she finds that notion “irrelevant’ and apparently thinks selling your story like this is tacky.

Instead, she’s giving it right to individuals … diving into how things started when she was spiraling in the mid-2000s. She says once the conservatorship began, she didn’t realize why … but suddenly, her dad was running the show and was very controlling. Britney claims he informed her, “I’m Britney Spears and I’m calling the shots.”

She also says a female introduced the theory to Jamie, and that her mom helped him continue. Britney calls it “pure abuse” and recounts being held down on a gurney as paparazzi and helicopters swarmed her pad your day she was devote a psychiatric hold.

Talking about paps, Britney says this of her infamous episode … “The extent of my madness was playing chase with paparazzi, that is still even today probably the most fun things I ever did about being famous.” She says she doesn’t know very well what was so harmful about this.

She continues on to spell it out what it had been like working beneath the conservatorship, also it sounds miserable. Britney says she felt just like a robot who was simply beneath the direct control of her father.

Britney says that after her Vegas residency ended in 2017, a fresh show was in the works … and she says that whenever she was rehearsing for this, she stood up for herself in regards to a certain dance move — saying she simply voiced her preference. From then on, she says she was shipped away to a facility, beneath the guise of seeking treatment and worrying on her behalf dad’s health.

While there, Britney says she was heavily medicated … this after she claims her father threatened her with a significant legal battle he thought she’s apparently lose.

This is an especially dark chapter on her behalf, Britney says, and it’s really clear Britney resents her family for putting her during that — especially her mom, whom she says turned a blind eye. Remember, photos from that specific period showed Britney appearing very out of sorts, when her now-husband Sam Asghari took her out for a little around Easter time.

Britney describes more conditions positioned on her through the conservatorship … including absolute control of what she ate, where she could possibly be, her schedule, her company, everything.

It had been for this time — 2019/2020, once the #FreeBritney movement was completely swing — that Britney says she finally felt confident enough to manage her life and try to escape the conservatorship. She even shouts out #FreeBritny protesters who backed her.

I wish to be fearless like when I was younger rather than be so scared and fearful. I pray there happens to be truth to the Holy Spirit and I am hoping that spirit has been my children aswell !!! Yes I choose happiness and joy today !!!

Britney Spears (@britneyspears) August 25, 2022 @britneyspears

Britney says she believes Jamie and co. thought she’d come crawling back and obtain in to the cycle she’d experienced for years, but rather … BS says she got an attorney and held her ground, refusing to fall back to their clutches and also make an effort to retake the reins of her life.

It is a lengthy confessional, but Britney’s engaging in everything here … a lot more than we are able to write to in this article. Once we all know, Britney did liberate from the conservatorship ultimately — and today, she’s telling her story on her behalf own terms. And we’re sure it’s miles from over too.

Originally Published — 4: 29 PM PT

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