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Britney Spears Rips Son Jayden, Says He’s Mad He Won’t Get Anymore Money Soon

Britney Spears My Son Jayden’s Undermining Me … Mad Over Money?!?

9/5/2022 2: 27 PM PT

Britney Spears is calling out her son Jayden James … accusing him of undermining her and wondering if he’s pissed the gravy train is approximately to perform dry.

Britney continued an extended rant Monday on social media marketing, also it was mostly a reply to Jayden publicly discussing her challenges as a mom.

She scoffs at Jayden wishing and praying she gets better … wondering if her son is concerned about the actual fact he’s not likely to get any longer money from her in a couple of years once he turns 18.

Britney’s also addressing her souring relationship with her sons, who she hasn’t observed in months, claiming they ignored her if they hung out before rather than felt she was an excellent enough mother if she didn’t shower them with gifts.

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Remember … 15-year-old Jayden recently did a sit-down interview with Daphne Barak for Daily Mail where he accused his mom of not showing equal love and focus on him and brother Sean Preston, and discussing Britney’s state of mind.

Britney Spears Saddened Son Jayden Says She Favored Him, Ignored Preston

Britney Spears Saddened Son Jayden Says She Favored Him, Ignored Preston

Britney says Jayden sounds exactly like Jamie Spears in the interview … accusing her son of secretly loving to check out her like something is wrong with her, a similar thing she says the others of her family is guilty of.

Are you aware that unequal attention claims … Britney says Preston would sleep the complete time when she had her sons over, while Jayden would play the piano … and she claims her boys always left 2 hours early.

Britney ends with this particular … she doesn’t have confidence in God anymore due to the way her family and her children treat her.

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