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Brown’s car to be repaired with time for Bathurst, confirms Erebus

Browns car was involved with a monster crash in the Pukekohe round last weekend, leaving the chassis badly damaged sufficient reason for possible repercussions on the teams additional entry for Bathurst.

Ryan initially explained the down sides in obtaining the car repaired prior to the Mount Panorama event on October 9, revealing that the automobile needs to be sent from New Zealand to Australia via air before it could begin working on fixes, and that its staff has already been busy with the build of its Gen3 contender for 2023.

However, with significantly less than per month left for the 11th round of the growing season, Ryan is currently confident that Brown and endurance co-driver Jack Perkins can race at Bathurst in the teams primary chassis for the #9 entry.

The people have had an effective consider the car and we believe we are able to fix it with time for Bathurst, Ryan said. Weve first got it to Mount Gambier and on the jig today, the complete rear of the automobile is getting take off and well replace everything.

Once its done, well obtain it to paint and back the workshop and begin to replace all of the componentry and bodywork.

Nearly every tube in the trunk half of the automobile has either been torn, twisted or bent. Stuff like our gear box, fuel tank housing, drive shafts and suspension components should also be repaired or replaced.

We knew there have been substantial damage, if you always find more as you begin to pull parts and panels off it.

Which means that Erebuss plans for fielding a wildcard entry for Murphy and Stanaway remain unaffected, because the teams spare chassis remains designed for the duo.

Had the team not had the opportunity to correct Browns car with time for Bathurst or the damage was deemed to be too severe, it could experienced to deploy the spare chassis for the 24-year-old and his teammate Perkins, leaving Murphy and Stanaway looking for other rides – or entirely out from the race.

I couldnt be prouder of we; our guys will work night and day to ensure we’ve three Boost Mobile Commodores at Bathurst, Ryan said.

We will Bathurst with the target to reproduce our pole position this past year and go two steps higher on the podium, and were doing everything inside our capacity to make that happen.

Its no different with the wildcard, and it’ll have been an extended journey once it finally reaches Bathurst.

Everyone really wants to see Murphy at Bathurst once more and we have been excited to observe how Richie goes into an Erebus car.

Erebus finished third in Bathurst this past year with Brodie Kostecki and David Russell at the wheel of the #99 Holden.

Russell will again synergy with Kostecki in Erebus’ second full season entry.

Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway, Erebus Motorsport

Greg Murphy and Richie Stanaway, Erebus Motorsport

Photo by: Erebus Motorsport

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