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BSV Norway CBDC Adoption is Fake News


9 hours agoThu Sep 01 2022 08: 01: 09


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  • A recently available story of the Central Bank of Norway considering BSV because of its CBDC has became not what it appears
  • The story has been planted by BSV advocates and is dependant on a report greater than a year old
  • Norways central bank has instead hired a Norwegian firm to check a CBDC on Hyperledger

Blockchains of most sizes and shapes are in some sort of adoption arms race over getting chosen to host the imminent wave of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The closest any public has gotten up to now was Tezos, which made the shortlist for the French CBDC 2 yrs ago, however the race seemed to have grown to be tighter after rumours begun to fly recently that Norway was considering Bitcoin SV (BSV) to be its CBDC. On closer inspection however, the data supporting this claim was, like a lot of its founders evidence to be Satoshi Nakamoto, twisted to match another narrative and heavily flawed.

CBDC Link is Old News

The suggestion that the Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) is considering BSV because of its CBDC began doing the rounds this week after two articles on the problem appeared online one from Unbounded Capital and something from Namecoin News. Both referenced a Norges Bank report which spoke of Bitcoin SV as a contender because of its CBDC operation. However, there are several caveats to note before going to whatever exchanges BSV continues to be on nowadays and picking some up.

Firstly, its vital that you remember that the report was from May 2021 but had been reported as though it had been new. Secondly, its clear from the English translation of the report that BSV was only used for example of a public blockchain and actually Ethereum gets more mentions in the passage itself:

To place this nothing-burger into perspective, in a 71-page document, #BSV is mentioned once, alongside #Bitcoin and Ethereum.

I’ve translated the pile of nothing from page 32 below.

(connect to original: )

Peter Scott-Morgan (@PeterScottMorg1) August 30, 2022

Since this report was published, Norges Bank has actually begun sandboxing a CBDC on an exclusive blockchain by way of a Norwegian startup, Nahmii, with the blockchain chosen for the testing the one and only an exclusive version of the enterprise blockchain Hyperledger, which Wright has lambasted during the past because of its fake news trials.

Unbounded Capital Shows its Limitations

Where did this 16-month-old story result from? It seems to possess comes from pro-BSV outlet Unbounded Capital who cited Stephan Nilsson, CEO of Norwegian Bitcoin SV-powered company UNISOT, who claimed that it turned out in dialogue with Norges Bank for quite some time over using BSV, which doesnt exactly ensure it is feel like an especially recent event.

Nilsson continues on to state that Norges Bank is initiating an experimental testing of technical solutions with one treatment for be chosen from then on. What he will not say is whether BSV is the type of solutions being tested, which youd think he’d if it had been. Once we know, however, they’re in fact utilizing a version of Hyperledger, not BSV.

Namecoin News is Fake News

We are able to therefore discount Unbounded Capitals claims to be unproven at the minimum, but what of Namecoin News? Things get suspicious when their piece ends with unbridled praise for BSV:

BSV as a blockchain is highly scalable due to its unbounded block size cap. The house is really a big requirement of the Central Bank, with low transaction fees and quick transaction finality. Seeing how BSV excels at all three fronts, its likelihood of getting selected for the CBDC are high.

Hmmm. Something smells fishy.

What of the writer, Sarah Gillard? Theres very little to learn about her she’s no online presence outside the website, and her Twitter account, just like the Twitter accounts of all Namecoin News team, has been suspended. Not just a great way of measuring authenticity.


Overall then, its pretty clear that is really a seeded piece by the BSV hierarchy, although why this story and just why now could be unclear. Perhaps it really is an effort to influence search engine concerning the Hodlonaut vs Craig Wright case approaching in just a few days, which just so is actually occurring in Oslo, Norway.

In any event, the attempt was about as sloppy, and convincing, as a Craig Wright forgery.

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