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Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane: Cody Ford “Disappointing” In Buffalo

For offensive lineman Cody Ford, the Buffalo Bills just weren’t designed to be.

The former second-round pick was traded to the Arizona Cardinals on Monday in trade for a 2023 fifth-rounder, and it’s really safe to say it isn’t the results Bills general manager Brandon Beane was longing for.

“Once you draft a new player you need to draft, develop, re-sign them so from that standpoint that’s disappointing for me personally and I’ve surely got to go back and appearance at our process … where that didn’t workout,” Beane said.

Despite a promising rookie season where Beane said Ford had “done an excellent job,” the proceed to guard was eventually the start of the finish in Buffalo.

“Cody battled during that year and he played through some injuries and really did an excellent job,” Beane said. “And through various other injuries we did make the proceed to guard and for reasons uknown, whether it had been putting on more excess weight, whether it had been doing items that just … didn’t transition once we thought or I’m sure he thought.”

The writing was on the wall come early july as Ford trained with the second-stringers throughout camp, prompting calls from teams about his availability. Combine that with Ford’s need to start also it was time and energy to move ahead.

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“Cody would like to start and felt that’s what he deserved and for all of us, versatility is essential,” Beane said. “Once we pare this down, it just ultimately made probably the most sense for the Bills and for Cody. A team made an aggressive enough move that I thought it made sense to, at this time, put in a pick that hopefully, we execute a good job with next April.

“There have been multiple teams within the last three days that did call about him,” he added, “but I’d say Arizona was probably the most aggressive.”

Looking back, questions will inevitably be asked in what the Bills may have done differently to assist Ford’s development. However when addressing this, Beane pointed to the expectations levied on young players.

“We, inside our world, we put plenty of expectations on rookies plus they all develop at differing times, just like all of us do inside our own jobs,” Beane said.

“You need to remember they are humans we’re drafting. It isn’t Madden where you have a 90 rating, and each time you start the game he’ll play to the 90 level, and everything’s proficient at home, everything’s good health-wise.”

Whatever could, or simply must have been, Ford is currently with the Cardinals and Beane is preparing to progress.

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