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Bungies Destiny 2 Silence IS BECAUSE OF Real Threats Towards Our People And Studio

Destiny 2


If youre a Destiny 2 player, you could have noticed a shift in communication from Bungie, where its employees were normally pretty open about chatting concerning the game, and wed get massive, deep-dive TWABs or State of the overall game posts with relative frequency. Interactions on Twitter or in reddit threads concerning the specifics of the overall game were common.

However now? Most of which has stopped. The scores of Bungie employees I follow are mostly just tweeting about personal things, and when there is whatever is due to the business, its usually sharing open job listings. Theres minimal direct engagement concerning the game itself.

And thats deliberately.

Responding in a reddit thread about how exactly players missed hearing from Bungie in the subreddit like they used to, community manager DMG explained just what was going on, and just why this is neither a major accident, nor designed to be considered a punishment.

Here’s finished ., the harassment we’ve spoken to isn’t only rude replies on twitter or vague comments. There were real threats towards our people and our studio. We’re taking them seriously, that is leading to some reduced communications because the team plans future protections / ways of help avoid these kinds of things.

I am clear in saying that I appreciate the studio in the total amount that’s it’s helped myself after some serious harassment towards me and my children. I’m taking time off partly due to this. Because you can’t view it directly in confirmed tweet or forum reply doesn’t imply that it didn’t happen

I agree – it is a bummer that people don’t have just as much interaction here lately. The team is planning ways that to talk to you all – a few of these plans I’m really looking towards when I reunite in.

I could assure you that lots of on the team are looking into threads every day and discussing your feedback.

Destiny 2


DMG himself could be the prime exemplory case of this, as hes now been on personal leave as he says, partly because of the toll of the extremely serious harassment he and his family have obtained simply existing because the games community manager. A recently available Bungie lawsuit cites a toxic player who directly threated DMG personally and said hed be moving near by to him and he’d not be safe.

Now, Bungie apparently is rethinking communication all together due to how unsustainable it became with not only salty players mad about game issues, but actual threats. Nowadays, TWABs are light, social media marketing interaction is reduced or gone and info drops look like getting condensed into things such as the pre-recorded Lightfall showcase happening in per month, without huge news planned before that.

It has some very real impacts on the overall game itself. For example, given that sandbox lead Kevin Yanes was chased off Twitter by fans angry in regards to a not-returning exotic, that could not result in us not getting any actual detailed information regarding arc 3.0 before launch, and like solar 3.0, it could just get to the live game.

Bungies communication was among its strongest suits as a developer, however they simply usually do not believe exactly the same sort of transparency can be done given the real threats theyve faced without some big overhauls.

So, currently things come in a holding pattern. My guess is that the directive is typically not to go over specifics of the games content on social media marketing right now until they find out new, more protective policies. Which explains why its been so quiet around here.

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