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Burnout meets Hot Wheels in new sandbox racer Wreckreation

From the ex-Burnout devs that brought you Dangerous Golf and Dangerous Driving

Three Fields Entertainment have the effect of plenty of games with “dangerous” within their title: Dangerous Driving, Danger Zone, and Dangerous Golf. However now they’ve got a fresh racing game in the works which eschews their previous naming convention for something that’ll cause you to say with a wry smile and a shake of the top, “I see everything you did there”. It’s called Wreckreation (you understand, like ‘recreation’, not Wreck-reaction, or Wreckeation) and its own reveal trailer looks a little like if Burnout and Hot Wheels went for a joyride together.

Not just a huge surprise, really, considering Three Fields are mostly made up of former Burnout and DEPENDENCE ON Speed devs, but Wreckreation definitely gets the stylings of Criterion’s classic racer. You have muscle cars zooming around crashing into one another, then doing the complete slow-mo “Takedown” of yore, where you start to see the car clatter off course for a short second or two. The racing? Yeah, it looks needlessly to say, ditching realism for tight cornering and explosive arcade-style speed.

And you’ve got the planet – 400 square kilometres of freeform sandbox racing – that is the way the game attempts to differentiate itself from your competition. You’ll oversee your personal MixWorld, a large map you are in a position to jazz up with loops, jumps, along with other obstacles like windmills and *checks notesducks how big is a gas station. Also it appears like you’re absolve to plonk them anywhere, either creating elaborate Scalextric sets in the sky or offroad obstacle courses.

By the brief trailer and tidbits of information on the overall game, it looks fun! It has plenty of customisation options from paint colours, glass colours and engine sounds, looked after has its Radio dial with 16 different channels available (or your personal Spotify Premium playlists if you like). The promise of blasting through player created courses also offers me cautiously excited. I simply have to see more, really, and whether building which consists of free camera view is simple and intuitive. Whether you can peruse other’s stuff without it being truly a faff, or share my creations with others in a jiffy. If it gets these kinds of technicalities right, i quickly reckon we’ll maintain for a delicacy.

There’s currently no release date for Wreckreation, nevertheless, you will keep up with it over on Steam.

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