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Butting to create Israeli desalination plant

Butting's Chinese-made pipes ready for shipping to Israel

Butting’s Chinese-made pipes ready for shipping to Israel

The plant is among five facilities being created to turn seawater into fresh water for a country where natural water resources are scarce. Butting describes the scheme as today’s miracle much like Christs turning water into wine at the marriage in Kafr Kana.

Butting will give the brand new plant with 192 modules and almost five kilometres of pipe manufactured at its factory in Tieling, China.

The business can be supplying 2,800 stainless steel fittings weighing almost 100 tonnes and 3,500 high-pressure filters and 900 control valves and flow meters.

The modules should be used as a central component in the desalination and treatment procedure for the plant and also have to withstand heavy stresses very reliably within an extremely corrosive environment.

At the customers request, Butting is applying a more elaborate three-coat paint finish to all or any the modules. Very precise tolerances implies that Butting must ensure high degrees of dimensional accuracy to make sure that the materials arrive on site ready for installation.

Around, customers get yourself a complete solution, explains Jens Ellermann, managing director of Butting China. We not merely assemble the piping components in the bottom frame but additionally all of the equipment provided, such as for example vessels, pumps, apparatus along with other components and insulate items at the clients request.

The components will undoubtedly be called-off and delivered on a just-in-time basis.

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