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BYD Blade Batteries are Being Sent to Tesla Berlin

BYD is supplying iron LFP blade batteries for Tesla Model Y’s made in Tesla’s Berlin factory. It is reported that the batteries are already being supplied and the first Model Ys with those batteries will be produced this month.

There were earlier reports that BYD would supply about 10 GWh per year. This would be enough for about 12000 Model Ys per month. 3000 Model Ys per week is about the level of production that Tesla Berlin should reach in September or October of this year.

BYD is second place to Tesla in EV production. BYD was ahead of Tesla in EV production until Tesla passed them with the ramp of the Model 3.

BYD was previously the leader in lithium battery production before they were passed by CATL.

SOURCES – CNEVPost, Sina Tech

Written By Brian Wang,

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