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Bye Tyrone! Shere Whitfield Confirms Shes Been Dating Martell Holt FOR APPROXIMATELY 8 WEEKS

Theres a fresh baewatch on the market, and the news headlines is coming straight from Shere Whitfields mouth! The other day, Noire TV Network set the innanet on flames if they reported spotting theReal Housewives Of Atlanta peach holder on a lil biking date. Usually are not was in her company? Her date was Love & Marriage Huntsvilles star, Martell Holt. Mixed reactions to the possible pair quickly poured in, but both remained hush-hush concerning the talks. Things have since changed because Shere confirmed shes dating Martell in a street interview with TMZ.

To be clear, Shere didnt say that has been her man, manbut she did confirm just what a handful of photos and videos already tell us!

Weve been just going out, she said. Im enjoying life at this time.

In accordance withTMZ,a source near to the pair revealed theyve been dating for over 8 weeks. And their outings arent limited by just one-on-one time.

We actually met by way of a mutual friend, she said. Hes met my friends, hes met several people in my own family.

When Did Shere And Martell Spark Dating Rumors?

On Tuesday, TMZ also shared footage of Shere and Martell snapping selfies. His hands settled around her waist many times, pulling her close on his side and front!

Sheree & Martell.. #RHOA #LAMH (@TMZ)

jay (@JaysRealityBlog) July 26, 2022

Still, as previously stated, Noire TV Networkfirst gave folks online some visuals to discuss. In accordance with their sources (and footage), Shere and Martell spent their Monday the other day on a biking date. They reportedly spent about one hour on a trail in the suburbs of Smyrna, Georgia.

(SWIPE) to start to see the footage!

The truth stars may also be investing in that workbusiness-wise. She toldTMZMartell has been helping her with her forthcoming clothing line, She by Shere, but seemingly kept the hows to herself.

For her former boo Tyrone Gilliams, Shere says that the ship has sailed and wont be turning back!

Thats a wrap, that is clearly a wrap on [Tyrone] for certain, Shere revealed.

Kenya gives Sheree advice after Tyrone stands her up. #RHOA

jay (@JaysRealityBlog) June 6, 2022

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