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California police charity may revoke Paul Pelosis membership after DUI crash

A California foundation supporting state highway patrol officers and their own families is considering kicking out Paul Pelosi after he flashed the foundations membership card to police during his DUI arrest in-may.

The 82-year-old husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arraigned on two misdemeanor charges Wednesday regarding the a May 28 two-car crash as he was leaving a Napa social gathering.

Based on the criminal complaint, when responding California Highway Patrol officers asked Paul Pelosi for ID, he gave them his drivers license and his CHP 11-99 Foundation card. The complaint didn’t specify whether Pelosi designed to give officers the card or if he said anything when he handed it over.

The CHP 11-99 Foundation told The Post Friday that the cards which list the entire year members joined, their current membership level and ID number are accustomed to identify members at various public and private events also to show pride in membership and support of the CHP.

Pelosi may lose his membership to the organization as a result of his actions.
Paul Pelosi flashed his CHP 11-99 Foundation card to police while being arrested.

In accordance with Director of Marketing and Communications Laura Reed, members who bring the foundations name or property into police contact come in violation of these membership agreement, which states they usually do not receive any peace officer powers or privileges or leniency or preferential treatment in virtually any contact involving a police agency by joining.

Abuse of the policy would bring about the immediate termination of membership.

We shall await the results of the trial and can evaluate Mr. Pelosis membership status after we have every one of the facts, Reed said.

He was arrested for a DUI while caught driving drunk in Napa Valley.
Paul Pelosi was arraigned on two misdemeanor charges Wednesday.
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If it’s proven he violated our conditions and terms we shall revoke his membership and we’d request that membership items be returned because they are property of the 11-99 Foundation.

If Pelosi gets the boot and returns all his membership items, Reed added, the building blocks would issue a refund of any membership-related contribution he had made.

Paul Pelosi has been charged with driving while impaired causing injury and driving with a 0.08% blood alcohol level or more causing injury.He pleaded not liable through his attorney Wednesday.

Police who taken care of immediately the crash said the millionaires eyes appeared red/watery, he was unsteady on his feet, his speech was slurred, and he previously a solid odor of an liquor emanating from his breath, based on the complaint.

The driver of the SUV that has been hit by Pelosis Porsche later told investigators he was suffering headaches, pain to his upper right arm, right shoulder and neck and was having difficulty lifting objects because of the crash, the document added.

Pelosis next court date has been set for Aug. 23.

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