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CalltoCombat Announces the Launch of the Novel MMORPG on Binance Smart Chain

LONDON, UK, Sept 7, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – CalltoCombat, a metaverse-style MMORPG [massively multiplayer online role-playing game] in line with the Binance Smart Chain [BSC] and created by a team of game developers and blockchain experts, has announced the launch of its gaming platform, the novel MMORPG on BSC.

CalltoCombat introduces a casino game where users must attempt numerous journeys to rescue abducted hostages and kill enemies. Having an IDO release scheduled for November 5th, 2022, the co-founder of CalltoCombat points to the redefining potential of the metaverse as something to envisage.

The metaverse keeps redefining itself, with an incredible number of users venturing in daily, it really is certainly that the metaverse would be the landmark for future years.” – Mark Boyd, co-founder of CalltoCombat.

The Gameplay

CalltoCombat arms players with various real-world ammunition because of this life-threatening journey. Players all start as lieutenants or soldiers and must kill and rescue abductees to improve their ranks, exactly like in the military. CalltoCombat splits missions into different levels, each with original objectives players must attain to earn rewards and progress further.

You can find five character ranks on CalltoCombatLieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and General. Each gamer starts as a lieutenant and moves around the bigger positions after several missions. The bigger the rank, the bigger the reward.

Players will get a mission statement comprising the predetermined goal for the particular level, a handgun, and only ten grenades to begin with. Throughout the overall game, players can exchange their arsenal with that of these fallen comrades. CalltoCombat allows gamers to take care of weapons like the M134 GAU-17 Gun and a summary of others.

CalltoCombat piggybacks on the military-styled warfare approach. Each player receives a restricted firepower and life time called medical Bar. Players can buy in-game materials like medical kits [medkits] to heal themselves after battle injuries.

CalltoCombat’s Play-to-Earn System

CalltoCombat will not only offer immersive, exciting, and enthralling gameplay; it offers rewards to gamers. Players can earn $COMBATCalltoCombat’s native tokenseach time they fulfill all level objectives. $COMBAT can be an in-game token and a cryptocurrency which can be purchased on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Another exciting feature may be the incorporation of the hold-to-earn model. CalltoCombat will grant gamers that acquireeither by accomplishing all predetermined gaming objectives or through outright obtain an exchangeand hold $COMBAT active participation in various giveaways, reward systems, and a number of benefits.

CalltoCombat introduces a wallet ranking systemthe Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Within an unprecedented fashion, CalltoCombat commingles emerging trends like decentralized finance, NFTs, and the budding GameFi space to provide a compelling, genuinely immersive and exceptional gaming experience. CalltoCombat will perform an IDO on November 5, 2022.

About CalltoCombat

CalltoCombat can be an MMORPG in line with the BSC. It introduces a completely new concept to the dynamic P2E and GameFi industries. Piggybacking on the original military warfare structure, CalltoCombat requires users to attempt missions to rescue abducted people from their captors. CalltoCombat leverages NFT technology to provide a non-fungible token role-playing game.

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SOURCE: CalltoCombat Incorporations

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Source: CalltoCombat Incorporations

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