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Car guy Biden touting electric vehicles at Detroit auto show

DETROIT — President Joe Biden, a gearhead along with his own vintage Corvette, is showcasing his administration’s efforts to market electric vehicles throughout a visit Wednesday to the Detroit auto show.

The Democratic president, who recently took a spin in his pine-green 1967 Stingray with Jay Leno for a segment on CNBC’s Jay Leno’s Garage,” gets the opportunity to slide when driving of a fresh vehicle during his stay in Detroit. He doesn’t get many chances anymore in the driver’s seat; he’s prohibited to operate a vehicle on public roads as president.

Hes mostly likely to the UNITED STATES International Auto Show to talk shop, plugging the huge new climate, tax and healthcare law that provides tax incentives for buying electric vehicles. He found its way to Detroit Wednesday morning aboard Air Force One.

While Biden has been taking credit for the recent boom in electric vehicle battery and assembly plant announcements, most were in the works a long time before the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law on Aug. 16. Biden’s 2021 infrastructure legislation may have something regarding it it offers $5 billion over five years to greatly help states develop a network of EV charging stations.

In Detroit, Biden was to announce approval of the initial $900 million in infrastructure money to create EV chargers across 53,000 miles of the national highway system in 35 states.

Beneath the law, electric vehicles should be built in THE UNITED STATES to meet the requirements for a fresh federal tax credit as high as $7,500. Batteries for qualifying vehicles also should be made in THE UNITED STATES, and you can find requirements for battery minerals to be produced or recycled on the continent. The credits are targeted at developing a U.S. electric vehicle supply chain and ending reliance on other countries, mainly China.

Passing of the measure tripped a scramble by automakers to increase efforts to get North American-made batteries and battery minerals from the U.S., Canada or Mexico to ensure EVs meet the criteria for the credit.

In April, Ford started building electric pickups at a fresh Michigan factory. General Motors has revamped a mature factory in Detroit to create electric Hummers and pickups.

A long time before legislators reached a compromise on the legislation, each company announced three EV battery factories, all joint ventures with battery makers. A GM battery plant in Warren, Ohio, has recently started manufacturing. A government loan announced in July can help GM build its battery factories.

Ford said last September it could build another generation of electric pickups at a plant in Tennessee, and GM has announced EV assembly plants in Lansing, Michigan; Spring Hill, Tennessee; and Orion Township, Michigan. IN-MAY, Stellantis, formerly Fiat Chrysler, said it could build another jv battery factory in Indiana, and contains announced a battery plant in Canada.

Hyundai announced battery and assembly plants in-may to be built-in Georgia, and Vietnamese automaker VinFast announced factories in NEW YORK in July. Honda and Toyota both announced U.S. battery plants following the act was passed, however they have been planned for months.

Biden has been talking for a long period about the need for creating a domestic EV supply chain, and that could have prodded a few of the companies to find factories in the U.S. But its also beneficial to build batteries near where EVs will undoubtedly be assembled as the batteries are heavy and costly to ship from overseas.

And auto companies are rolling out less expensive electric options despite battery costs. The most recent came the other day from General Motors, a Chevrolet Equinox small SUV. It includes a starting price around $30,000 and a range-per-charge of 250 miles, or 400 kilometers. Buyers will get a variety of 300 miles, or 500 kilometers, should they pay more.

The Equinox checks the UNITED STATES assembly box. It’ll be manufactured in Mexico. The business wont say where in fact the battery will undoubtedly be made nonetheless it is focusing on meeting another criteria so you can get the tax credit.

Krisher reported from Detroit.

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