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Caraways Nonstick Pan Replaced Three of My Pans (and Makes Perfect Eggs)

Gradually, Ive been making the house into more of a homewhich is really a quainter method of saying, my mattress (finally) includes a bedframe, the floating mid-century modern bookshelves are up, and my humble landlord-special kitchen gets outfitted with cookware thats actually likely to last. No shade to all or any the free, fake Le Creuset pans Ive stooped through the years from the streets of Brooklyn, but Im 31 yrs . old now and I wish to create a relationship with a skillet from first fry to last. When I saw Caraways nonstick fry pan, I thought, Now thats the type of pan my ancestors will fight over when I die.

$95 at Caraway

Now, Im pretty staunchly cast-iron. Cooking with my Lodge pans makes me feel just like a cottagecore lord, and may even be improving my iron levels. But cast-iron can be kiiinda high-maintenance, and a lazy bones like myself doesnt always desire to a hardcore cardio scrub workout with steel wool (over, and over) until my re-seasoned Lodge trio sings. Ive got bars to hop to/Renn Faires to see/a couch to stress-nap on.

My breaking point came last week when I tried to fry an egg on a janky pan, and realized it had been time and energy to revisit the planet of nonstick cookware. Truthfully, in a few ways, it has always made me raise an eyebrow (whats the nonstick secret??). I understand that is hypocritical via someone with two bottles of Rush going swimming her bag, but I simply dont wish to be cooking my food on surfaces coated in weird chemicals. Its sad and gross. But I likewise have learned that the majority of the nasty chemicals once within nonstick pans have already been banned recently, and nonstick is not any longer a word meaning Siri, Google DuPont Teflon lawsuit. The best nonstick pans of today are, actually, non-scaryalthough nice ones could be pricey. And when spending $95 on a forever-pan will eliminate that fear, then Im down.

Thats where Caraway will come in. Id seen the brand around town (aka the web), and knew that it made a number of pretty and practical cookware and bakeware that’s created to perform, last, and appearance good carrying it out. Not merely does the brand make impressive claims about its nontoxic ceramic-coated cookware, but theyre backed by its cult following; the signature fry pan includes a 4.8-star average rating from over 34,200 reviews on the webpage, with reviewers praising from the sexy design to the simple clean-up.

With only scrubbing to reduce, and all of the perfectly pan-fried tofu to get, I made a decision to put someone to the test to see if it might make me, an iron woman, right into a slick nonstick convert.

That which was rad

Damn, this fry pan ships fast. In addition, it includes a nice, expensive-feeling weight to it; not in a cumbersome way, however in a way which makes me feel just like it had been really crafted carefully. It even was included with its cork trivet and dust bagwhich is a lot more than I could say for some of my shoes and jewelry, and a thorough pamphlet with specs on pan care and storage.

Caraways products are safe for gas, electric, and induction stoves, and all free from PTFE (such as for example Teflon), PFAs, lead, cadmium, nickel along with other toxic metals that dont appear to be anything I would like to lick. (Except, how come liquid mercury look so tasty? Not that its in Caraways stuff at all). The nonstick coating is manufactured out of a nontoxic mineral coating that releases around 60% less CO2 in production than other nonstick products.

I made a decision to test my fry pan by making shakshuka, that is something Ive really missed cooking from my strict Iron Throne. Being an acid- and tomato-heavy dish, its really not perfect for cooking in a wonkily seasoned cast-iron pan, since it can strip the seasoning and leave your meal with a metallic taste. Since Caraways fry pan is nonstick and deep enough to sort of poach an egg, I was hoping it might be perfectand I was right.

I used no oil because of this. NONE. It felt almost counterintuitive, however in order to push my pan to the extreme, I held off on the EVOO and waited for the worst. Lo and behold, the glory of watching my bell peppers, garlic, and eggs cook evenly was almost a religious experience. The very next day, I recreated my shakshuka with my meager sauce leftovers, and got just a little worried. Would my egg still semi-poach itself? Would it not slide off, or stick to less sauce? Again, I used zero essential olive oil, and I was impressed by how easily the meals slid onto my plate such as a lubed-up, Olympic luge champion.

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 4.26.21 PM.png

Photo by the writer

The next big test came during clean-up time. At the chance of sounding dramatic, this fry pan made me recognize that Ive been suffering alone for a long time with hard-to-clean pans. It just doesnt need to be that wayit can really be as easy as several wipes with a barely soaped-up sponge. Its 2022, matehouses are increasingly being built-in the Metaverse, and our cars may be powered by crabs soon. Could it be really so much to ask our skillets dont stick? Caraway doesnt think so.

That which was tricky

Is it possible to date a Caraway pan? No, you cannot (publicly). Bummer.


Alright, fineIm a convert to the nonstick cult of Caraway. I was previously very piously cast-iron, even though I appreciate my Lodge bbs, this specific fry pan from Caraway felt such as a sigh of relief. Its lightweight, an easy task to hold (and clean), and the non-stick coating is free from all of the sus materials (PTFE, PFAs, lead, cadmium, nickel) that made me cautious with other non-stick products to begin with. Most importantly, it truly acts such as a slip n slide for even your stickiest, most burn-prone meals.

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 3.32.59 PM.png

Caraway, you truly pamper my eggs. Photo by the writer.

Im not just a serious cook, but I cook enough that I’d like my fry pans to be resilient, and versatile enough to saut, fry, sear, and also boil from eggs to sauces. I also dont have much space for storage in my own Brooklyn apartment, so Caraways multi-purpose, nonstick fry pan is really a Marie Kondo-level miracle. Having an ocean of aesthetic, Instagram-trendy cookware brands, Caraway may be the pearl in the oyster.

Fry on.

The Nonstick Fry Pan can be acquired for sale at Caraway.

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