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Cardi B cover art lawsuit trial postponed by federal judge

Cardi B cover art lawsuit trial postponed by federal judge

Cardi B exits Queens County Criminal Court in NEW YORK in December 2019 after she was accused of throwing bottles and chairs at two bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Flushing in August 2018. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

July 30 (UPI) — Case filed against Cardi B on the cover art on her behalf first album has been postponed by way of a federal judge in California who ordered the rapper to get another lawyer.

Musician and surfer Kevin Michael Brophy filed the lawsuit against Cardi B, whose legal name is Belcalis Almanza, in October 2017 — just over per year following the release of her album Gangsta BMusic Vol. 1.

The cover of the album features Cardi B drinking from the bottle of Corona Extra beer while apparently receiving oral sex from the man in the rear of an automobile bearing exactly the same distinctive design Brophy has tattooed on his back.

Brophy claims in the lawsuit that Cardi B “misappropriated his likeness” while her lawyers have argued that like the tattoo was “transformative fair use” among other arguments.

Cardi B has been represented by lawyer Alan Dowling who has suffered health issues which have delayed the beginning of jury selection for the trial, that was scheduled to begin with in a few days.

U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney in his order Friday rescheduled the trial to begin with on Oct. 18 “because of the unavailability of defense counsel due to serious disease.”

The rapper was also ordered to get another lawyer, in accordance with Law & Crime.

“We have been ready to try out this case for just two years now,” Brophy’s lawyer Larry Conlan told the outlet.

“Needless to say we’re unhappy about another delay, nonetheless it will undoubtedly be brief, and our client can finally understand this invasion of his privacy stopped and justice served.”

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