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Carl Radkes ex Mackenzie Dipman time for Love Island USA

August 16, 2022 | 6: 47pm

Shes ready for another round of reality TV.

Mackenzie Dipman is time for Love Island USA 2 yrs after her first stint on the dating show and just months after her brief relationship with Carl Radke played out Summer House Season 6.

Im still single, Dipman, 25, told People of her decision to re-enter the villa. I believe thats the most obvious answer.

The blond beauty memorably spent nearly all her Season 2 run coupled up with Connor Trott.

After Trotts exit from the Peacock (formerly CBS) series, the pair reunited and pursued an off-camera relationship in late 2020. However, they called it quits by March 2021.

That summer, Dipman entertained a fling with Radke, 37, that ultimately fizzled out prior to the latter reignited his romance with Bravo castmate Lindsay Hubbard.

Carl Radke poses at an event
Dipmans brief relationship with Summer House star Carl Radke played from Season 6 of the truth show.
Getty Images for MTV

Dipman will officially join Love Island USA Season 4 during Wednesday nights episode. The select of His League podcast host admitted that several Islanders have previously caught her attention.

Its nothing like Im walking in and theres nobody thats really caught my eye, she said without naming the guys shes thinking about.

This is a little tough because I dont know whos likely to be there right in as soon as. Its likely that someone that Im thinking about isnt even yet in the villa anymore because things change so quickly.

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke pose at a red carpet event
Radke happens to be dating Bravo castmate Lindsay Hubbard.
Getty Images for MTV

Apart from meeting Mr. Right, Dipman is getting excited about acting as a mentor to the rest of the female contestants.

I definitely prefer to give advice whether people require it or not, she noted. But I really do hope they turn to me as such as a big sister or like someone that is through this technique and really use me as a resource concerning understanding whats likely to happen next.

The Arizona native said she’ll encourage the ladies to ask their men questions that may help them navigate relationships outside the villa.

Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott on
Dipman spent nearly all her Love Island USA Season 2 run coupled up with Connor Trott.
CBS via Getty Images

I believe they should you need to be asking, What does the next six months appear to be? And Can you see yourself relocating if we dont reside in exactly the same place? And when not, what’s your comfortability with long-distance? They are questions they have to ask, she asserted.

Its nothing like, Do you wish to have kidsone day? Think shorter-term.

Dipman also warned that she’s plans to indicate bad behavior shes witnessed through the entire first part of Season 4.

Mackenzie Dipman on
The villa vet hopes to impart her wisdom to the rest of the female contestants of Season 4.
CBS via Getty Images

I enjoy call a man out for mistreating a female! Its the best thing. You may expect me to be doing that season aswell, she teased. Ive got an inventory. My hit list is approximately so long as my crush list.

Love Island USA hosted by Sarah Hyland can be acquired to stream on Peacock. New episodes drop Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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