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Cassidy: Expanding DTM tyre allocation permits funky strategies

The DTM sporting regulations allow teams to utilize four tyre sets per weekend (five for new entries), with a stipulation in article 35.2.b that three of the may only be utilized over the two 20-minute qualifying sessions and races.

With a mandatory mid-race tyre change in both races, pitstop strategies have a tendency to converge early in the pit window to help keep the starting set for later in the weekend instead of running something near a 50: 50 split.

The fourth group of new tyres is permitted for used in practice on Friday, and a maximum of three carryover sets from previous events. Ahead of this season, only carryover sets could possibly be found in practice.

Cassidy said that the limited tyre allocation means drivers running hard throughout race one battling for points face a disadvantage for the next race of every weekend in accordance with drivers who incur problems and do not complete the entire distance.

The Kiwi finished seventh in the fog-delayed race one at the Nurburgring on Saturday, then got turned around by Maro Engel in race two before a safety car in the same way the pit window opened and forced him into jettisoning his remaining fresh set.

Cassidy, who eventually retired after sustaining damage in further contact, told TV crews in the immediate aftermath of his painful race: In this championship you obtain three sets of tyres; to complete yesterdays race you need to use two, also it means the very best 10 from yesterday come in a hard position today.

We used our good set to start out the race and obviously had to look at a set that has been very used [after the safety car] and the race was virtually over.

Nick Cassidy, AF Corse

Nick Cassidy, AF Corse

Photo by: DTM

Talking with, Cassidy elaborated on his comments, stating: Theres a safety car at lap five and Then i look at tyres which have done most of yesterdays race and just look stupid for 20 laps.

There are several guys yesterday who just save a collection and dont complete the race, and they will have two sets for today that i dont think is completely fair.

I believe it will be awesome if we’ve more flexibility there and really attack both days.

Cassidy said he believes addressing the problem will make the racing better by creating more strategic variation.

Not just that, it means a lot of people start old tyres and box when the pit window opens in race two as the tyres are so very bad, he continued.

Personally i think enjoy it limits our strategy choices for everyone a whole lot, from race one and especially two.

We’re able to get some good more funky strategies if we’d more freedom.

Talking with on a single topic, SSR Porsche driver Laurens Vanthoor said: Thats ultimately the same for everybody, for your field. Its part of strategy.

The one thing that is never fun to see is that you see cars parking it with out a reason to save lots of tyres for another race. Thats the one thing that ought to be avoided for the show.

But within just how many tyres can be found, its exactly the same for everyone.

Needless to say, I’d like to possess a couple more [sets], and also have fresher rubber every once in awhile, but its exactly the same rules for all those ultimately.

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