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CBS pushes study blaming climate change for rising childhood obesity rates

CBS Mornings pushed a recently available study connecting climate change and hotter temperatures with childhood obesity rates in a ridiculed segment on Thursday.

Co-host Nate Burleson introduced the analysis published in the journal Temperature that argued climate change, specifically warmer temperatures is making our kids more inactive and much more obese.

Burleson said the analysis discovered that children were 30% less aerobically fit than their parents and claimed hotter temperatures were preventing kids from exercising outside.

Even though segment focused primarily on climate change, Burleson acknowledged that technology was likely one factor in rising childhood obesity cases.

Now listen, it’s been a whole lot hotter, and the elements has been crazy, but I believe it also is due to technology, you understand. Its a very important factor never to go outside, but these kids dont go outside since they can stay inside and become on the phones, play video gaming, and become social without needing to go outside and become social, Burleson said.

Several Twitter users, however, attacked the segment for emphasizing climate change as one factor in childhood obesity without alsorecognizing coronavirus lockdowns.

Do you consider it may be nah, couldnt be. Should be the climate change, Deseret News contributing writer Bethany Mandel joked.

Hans Mahncke, co-host of Truth Over News on EpochTV, tweeted, They made kids fat by shutting schools, playgrounds, parks and beaches. Predictably, theyre now blaming climate change. If there arent severe penalties for the fraudsters who pushed lockdowns, itll happen again.

Climate change? Ffs, National Review journalist Claude Thompson wrote.

Former congresswoman Nan Hayworth tweeted, NO. NO. NO. Many factors donate to childrens insufficient fitness, but climate change isn’t one of these. That is propaganda that CBS, much like all mainstream media, pushes to scare Americans into accepting Government interventionat any cost!!against climate *apocalypse*

Washington Free Beacon reporter Joe Gabriel Simonson attacked CBS Mornings directly for misrepresenting the analysis topush a climate agenda.

climate change
Some politicians believe blaming climate change on childhood obesity is outrageous.
AFP via Getty Images
children were 30% less
Children were 30% less aerobically fit than their parents.
[T]his seemed too insane even for left-wing climate scientists therefore i browse the study summary. the authors dont blame climate change for children getting fatter, but that fat children could have a harder time coping with climate change because fat people dont do aswell in heat, Simonson tweeted.

A report posted in the National Library of Medicine in July discovered that a substantial weight increase was reported in nearly all subjects, especially people that have pre-existingweight issues, during coronavirus lockdowns.

It concluded, Data analysis clearly demonstrated the detrimental impact of COVID-19 lockdown on children and adolescents bodyweight and BMI, children with pre-existing overweight/obesity being more vulnerable to gaining weight.

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