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Chainsmokers Drew Taggart Claims T.I. Punched Him In THE FACIAL SKIN Over A Kiss On The Cheek, Says T.I. Is In THE PROPER

It appears like Andrew Drew Taggart wont your investment first-time he met T.I. since it led to a punch to the facial skin! Drew, who’s 1 of 2 members of The Chainsmokers, told the story via Tik Tok. The one-minute clip shows Drew and his spouse Alexander Pall in a club near celebrities like T.I. and Big Sean. Following a couple of seconds, the video shows Drew and Alex telling the punch story while in the moving car.

T.I. just literally punched me in the facial skin, Drew said. Were in a vibe and I was like, I gave him a kiss on the cheek, nonetheless it was totally my fault.

Both Drew and Alex laughed as of this section of the story. Then, Drew continued explaining what happened, including T.I.s reaction.

He was like dont do this and I was like okay. He pushed me off and I was like alright my bad, Andrew shared.

At this time, Alex interrupted and said, then his friend goes, you should get your boy. Alex said it had been a what the fk moment for him because he previously no context concerning the situation.

Drew Says T.I. Accepted His Apology

Drew explained that T.I. punched him in the facial skin and he reacted by saying sorry. The artist then appeared to accept the apology as he allegedly responded, alright cool, were good to Drew.

Andrew added that it had been the weirdest interaction ever. Meanwhile, Alex put into the story by saying, I did so the coolest thing ever and you kissed T.I., drawing more laughter from the automobile audience, including Drew.

To begin with, T.I. is fully in the proper here. I was like feeling the vibes much too hard and I kissed T.I. on the cheek and he punched me in the facial skin for this, Drew said. Its fully fine.

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