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Charles III Formally Proclaimed King in First Televised Accession Ceremony

The UKs King Charles III has been formally proclaimed sovereign on Saturday morning in the initial televised accession council.

The 73-year-old newmonarch automatically become King when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died on Thursday afternoon, nonetheless it is tradition for the Accession Council to convene, usually within 24 hours of a monarchs death, to formally proclaim his / her successor.

The Accession Council, mainly comprised of a lot more than 200 members of the Privy Council, several advisors including past and present senior politicians, judges, bishops, plus some senior royal family, were present at St. James Palace to listen to the accession proclamation.

The Clerk of Council read aloud the proclamation, proclaiming Charles III, who was simply not present as of this first section of the ceremony, King of theUnited Kingdom of THE UK and Northern Ireland and of his other realms and territories, head of the Commonwealth, and defender of the faith.

Epoch Times Photo
King Charles III (R) and Camilla, Queen Consort, look on during his proclamation as King through the accession council at St. James Palace in London on Sept. 10, 2022. (Victoria Jones/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

In the next area of the ceremony, privy councillors proceeded to the throne room where in fact the new King made his declaration.

Charles said he’ll make an effort to follow the late Queens example in upholding constitutional government also to seek the peace, harmony, and prosperity of the peoples of the Islands and of the Commonwealth Realms and Territories across the world.

He also took an oath touphold the security of the Church of Scotland.

In his first televised speech as King on Friday, Charles recalled his mothers pledge made on her behalf 21st birthday to devote her very existence to the serviceof the Commonwealth, vowing to uphold the constitutional principles throughout his remaining life, and signaled he will need a step back from being mixed up in charities and conditions that he care[s] so deeply.

Through the ceremony on Saturday,The King also approved as you of his first acts that your day of the Queens funeralexpected to be held on Sept. 19 however the date isn’t yet confirmedwill be considered a bank holiday.

Epoch Times Photo
David Vines White, Garter King of Arms reads the main Proclamation, from the balcony overlooking Friary Court following the accession council as King Charles III is proclaimed King, at St Jamess Palace in London on Sept. 10, 2022. (Richard Heathcote/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Following declaration, the accession proclamation was read aloud in public areas for the very first time from the balcony of St. James Palace, and flags were flown atfull-mast and remained so for each day before returning tohalf-mast in mourning for the Queen.

The accession council is separate from the coronation, where the King will undoubtedly be crowned by the archbishop of canterbury.

Regarding Queen Elizabeth II, her coronation ceremony occurred on June 2, 1953, greater than a year after she become queen.

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Lily Zhou can be an Irish-based reporter concentrating on UK news. Lily first joined the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times before turning her concentrate on the united kingdom in 2020. Contact Lily at

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