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Check out Honda, Jeep, and Chevys new electric lineup

EV news is spilling at an easy and furious pace this week as automakers clamor for focus on reach Wall Street, the media, and future buyers. The exception is Pagani, which unveiled its newest model, the Utopia, with a cost tag of $2.2 million and an 864-hp V12, proudly describing it as using no heavy batteries, no hybrid power, only a wonderful V12.

On the blissful luxury EV side, the brand new Audi RS e-tron GT is doubly much because the average EV cost at near $150,000.

But wait: We’ve very good news. Motor companies from Chevrolet to Jeep to Honda are announcing a variety of new EV options, with prices which are mass-market friendly.

Chevrolet electrifies the Equinox

Arriving at the rescue is Chevrolet, which just revealed its shiny new 2024 Equinox EV. Starting at around $30,000 for the bottom 1LT model, the all-electric version of Chevys SUV will undoubtedly be seven inches longer and three inches wider compared to the gas version. The brand says the Equinox EV could have around 57 cubic feet of cargo space with the trunk seats folded, that is nearly seven cubic feet significantly less than the gas-powered Equinox.

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Offered in five trims, the Equinox EV will undoubtedly be available with GMs Super Cruise driving assistance technology and adaptive cruise control starting at the next level up. GM estimates the full total range for the EV version of the Equinox to fall between 250 and 300, based on whether its a front-wheel-drive or e-all-wheel-drive variant.

Following a launch of the Blazer EV and Silverado EV, the Equinox EV will undoubtedly be available in in regards to a year and you will be produced at GMs Ramos Arizpe, Mexico facility.

Jeeps goes Recon

Twitter has been afire with comments concerning the name of Jeeps new EV, Recon. Merriam-Webster says the term reconnaissance methods to conduct an initial and especially an exploratory survey, and considering Jeeps heritage as a car people buy to explore and adventure, it appears apt. Among four zero-emission vehicles set to be launched in THE UNITED STATES and in Europe by 2025, the Recon joins an all-electric Wagoneer S on the primary stage, with two more ahead. While Jeep hasnt revealed the Recon or Wagoneer S starting price yet, it could be a safe bet to assume each will carry an increased price than its gas-powered siblings.

Take a look at Honda, Jeep, and Chevy’s new electric lineup
The all-new, all-electric Jeep Recon. Jeep/Stellantis

Jeeps plan is for 50 percent of its US sales to be fully electric by 2030, while 100 percent of European sales will undoubtedly be all-electric in once frame. That explains why its also pushing out the Avenger EV, Jeeps first all-electric EV, that will only be accessible in Europe plus some Asian markets to start out in 2023.

When Jeep released its PHEV 4xe, it showcased mobile solar-powered charging stations on the trail. For the Recon, Jeep says that it gets the capacity to traverse the brands home abroad, the Rubicon Trail, with enough juice to come back to town to charge. After experiencing both 4xe and the Magneto electric Jeep concept in Moab and in Austin, Texas, we are able to share that the silent-Jeeping experience is stunningly good.

Honda brings the two-wheeled fun

Automotive, powersports, and equipment conglomerate Honda Motor Company announced it could release 10 or even more electric motorcycles by 2025. Thats ambitious, but seems easy for the brand that brought us motos from the Grom to the Gold Wing and everything among during the last 70 years roughly.

Take a look at Honda, Jeep, and Chevy’s new electric lineup
Hondas new electric motorcycles. Honda

Yesterday, Honda said it had been likely to accelerate electrification of its motorcycle models while also continuing to advance ICE (internal combustion engines), that is a smart technique to cover the marketplace. Citing an uptick popular for business-use two-wheelers, Honda revealed plans to launch two all-electric commuter models between 2024 and 2025 in Asia, Europe and Japan. Through the same time frame, it’ll introduce three large EV models in Japan, Europe, and the united states predicated on its Fun EV platform currently in development.

With the moment torque EV provides, hopefully Honda reminds riders to go easy on takeoff.

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