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Cher Responds When Twitter User Dubs Dua Lipa the “Cher of Our Generation”

Cher Ends Twitter War With Bynes

Some Twitter users might wish they might reverse time.

In a now-deleted post, a Dua Lipa fan compared the pop star to Cher, showing both women side-by-side at different Grammy awards wearing sleek black hair with glittery outfits. The post read, “Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation” and another user agreed, writing “so much truth in a single Tweet.”

Cher had something to state about this, replying “Just how many yrs come in a generation,” with a thinking emoji, promptly setting Twitter burning.

Fans of the Moonstruck actress had her back, with one user writing, “@Cher is Cher. No-one else will ever be Cher. Period.” Someone else further emphasized the Cher’s legacy, commenting, “Folks are not necessarily understanding the cultural impact Cher had. Anyone can dress like Cher today, but it isn’t a similar thing being the first someone to break that ground. That has been Cher. Also Cher has starred in movies and her very own TV show. She actually is the best.”

The initial poster of the comparison clarified what they meant by the tweet, replying back again to the 76-year-old legend, “I was praising u and dua style.

An individual added that “some individuals didn’t obtain the message,” following an online discourse concerning the offensiveness of comparing younger performers tochart-topping icons.

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“Well Dua’s basically been with us for like five minutes, while Cher’s been with us for many years,” one user contributed to the debate. “So there’s not necessarily any comparison, and I’m sure even Dua would say it, too.”

Dua didn’t publicly address anything concerning the matter, and she may not begin right now, as she opted to share images of her poolside instead.

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