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Chevrolet Bolt EUV review: Bigger is way better

The Chevy Bolt has already established an interesting history. It beat the Model 3 to advertise but never came near to the sales amounts of Teslas offering. A refreshed, larger Bolt EUV arrived that had a significant issue using its LG Chem batteries that caused fires, resulting in an enormous recall. Long story short, its been a ride.

Well, the batteries have already been replaced and the bigger Bolt EUV is finally making its way into driveways. We took the Bolt EUV for a week-long spin and came away impressed using what Chevy does. The Bolt is made on a mature EV architecture, meaning it cant charge as quickly as newer electric vehicles on the highway, but it will come in at a cost point which makes the automobile a compelling proposition for all those that are searching for an EV that doesnt break your budget. Watch the video below for the entire story.

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