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Chief Iran Deal Negotiator: Iran Has Been ‘More Aggressive’ –

During an interview aired on Fridays PBS NewsHour,U.S. Special Representative for Iran Robert Malley, the principle negotiator in talks on the Iran nuclear deal said that when a deal is reached, Iran would access assets and can sell oil and gain revenue as a result, but wouldnt give a quantity because doing this will be highly speculative. Malley said that in the lack of a deal, Iran has engaged in more aggressive regional behavior.

NewsHour Foreign Affairs and Defense Correspondent Nick Schifrin asked, On sanctions relief, just how much relief would Iran get? One analysis by a business that, needless to say, opposes you reentering the offer says Iran would access tens of vast amounts of dollars of central bank assets which are currently frozen and also sell tens of vast amounts of dollars more of oil.

Malley responded, Well, listen, Im not likely to offer you a number, because thats that might be highly speculative. But I could say you can find assets which have been frozen, assets, money that Iran collected at the same time once the sanctions weren’t set up, and which are now in bank accounts around the world. They would have the ability to get access to those should they keep coming back into compliance with the nuclear deal. And, needless to say, theyd have the ability to sell oil, which theyre unable to do now, also to get the arises from the sale of oil. But, again, lets remember why those sanctions were set up. Those sanctions were set up to obtain Iran to consent to curb its nuclear program also to ensure that Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon. And weve lived the contrary. Weve lived, its not just a thought experiment, going back many years, since President Trump made a decision to withdraw from the offer, weve seen Iran having an unconstrained nuclear program sufficient reason for more aggressive regional behavior. So, that experiment has failed.

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