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Chileans vote on whether to look at new left-leaning constitution

Chileans took to the polls Sunday to vote on whether the country should adopt a new left-leaning constitution that would enshrine an unprecedented number of rights. Photo by Alberto Valdes/EPA-EFE

Chileans took to the polls Sunday to vote on if the country should adopt a fresh left-leaning constitution that could enshrine an unprecedented amount of rights. Photo by Alberto Valdes/EPA-EFE

Sept. 4 (UPI) — Chile will vote on whether to look at a fresh leftist constitution that could enshrine several civil rights.

The ballot asks voters if the country should replace its current constitution that was established beneath the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet in the 1980s with a fresh leftist drafted by way of a democratic process.

The brand new constitution would make the Chilean state the guarantor greater than 100 rights, a lot more than any national constitution on earth, in accordance with an analysis by the Comparative Constitutions Project cited by THE BRAND NEW York Times.

Protections established in the brand new constitution are the to housing, healthcare and education along with freedom of expression, religion and worldview.

It could enshrine “sexual and reproductive rights” like the right for women to possess “a voluntary interruption of these pregnancy” following the nation banned all types of abortion until 2017 when it allowed exceptions in cases of rape, a threat to a woman’s life or deadly birth effects.

Probably the most polarizing proposals is really a provision defining Chile as a “plurinational” state which may allow 11 separate Indigenous groups in the united kingdom to be named their very own nations with governing structures and court systems.

“It divides Chile, and Chile is one nation,” Maria Yefe, a 65-year-old housekeeper who voted to reject the constitution told The Washington Post. “We will be a lot more divided than we have been now.”

Beneath the new constitution, Chile would additionally require that women hold at the very least 50% of several government positions, while providing workers the proper to “equitable, fair and sufficient” pay and also the freedom to unionize and strike.

It could also guarantee citizens the proper to select their identity “in every its dimensions and manifestations, including sexual characteristics, gender identities and expressions.”

The proposed constitution further states that “nature has rights” and “hawaii and society have the work to safeguard and respect them” while further requiring hawaii to safeguard animals and recognize “their sentience and their to live a life clear of mistreatment.”

Chileans first voted to draft a fresh Constitution in October of 2020 following turbulent protests and mass demonstrations calling for structural change the entire year prior.

The country elected a 155-member constitutional assembly comprised of equal amounts of women and men, with 17 seats reserved for members of Indigenous communities, to construct the brand new constitution.

Regardless of the previous outcry, polls indicated that Chileans may likely reject this new constitution, with many criticizing it as too much time and too radical.

“Chileans agree we have to change the constitution however, not such as this,” Maria Baros, a 42-year-old mother of two said.

Sunday’s vote also serves as a de facto referendum on progressive President Gabriel Boric, who was simply elected because the nation’s youngest president at 35 in December, since it allows him to handle his agenda.

“It is a historic moment, that I think it is rather important that people should all, independent of our choice feel profoundly proud,” Boric. “In the difficult moments we experienced as a country, we chose as a path, in an effort to resolve our differences, an advance in more democracy rather than in less.”

If the measure fails, Boric’s government will undoubtedly be tasked to get different ways to implement the change, or the president, who’s facing declining approval rates, has suggested proposing another charter.

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