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Chipotle’s Weird New Product Sends an inspired Message to Customers

Sometimes a fresh product can double as a not-so-subtle message to customers. That appears to be the clever intent of Chipotle’s newest product: A restricted edition scented candle that has the aroma of lemonade. The joke–and the message–is that it will come in cup that looks as being a Chipotle water cup. It is a not-so-subtle nod to the restaurant chain’s customers who request a (free) water cup and fill it with lemonade or various other non-water beverage instead.

To ensure everyone gets the joke, Chipotle is selling the candle in a box that says “Water” Cup Candle onto it. The business’s headline on the brand new product announcement is: “Chipotle’s new ‘water’ cup candle is really a total steal.” Oh, and merely to drive the idea home, each candle includes a coupon for a free of charge cup of lemonade–just in the event you feel uncomfortable about stealing it.

Why do I believe this candle is a good exemplory case of emotional intelligence? Consider various other ways the business’s leadership may have handled its customers’ habit of stealing beverages. It might have created new security measures like a separate water station rather than letting people utilize the water dispenser in the soda machine. It might have tried to shame or scare people out of stealing lemonade. Perhaps it even may have started selling water in bottles instead of offer free water.

Instead, the business put its relationship with customers, friendliness, and especially its love of life front and center by letting people knowit’s well alert to their thievery, but is ready to turn a blind eye. “Some Chipotle fans have already been recognized to ‘accidentally’ fill their complimentary water cups with lemonade at the restaurant’s beverage station,” the business explains in its announcement concerning the candle. And it’s really not the very first time it’s let on that it is aware of the practice and will not be calling the authorities any time in the future.

You: *steals our old lemonade*

Us: *adds new lemonade created by farmers, @TractorBverage*

Us: *gives 5% of every lemonade sale back again to farmers*

You: *buys our new lemonade*

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) July 21, 2020

What do customers take into account the new candle? They appear to love it. Not merely were the social media marketing comments on the merchandise almost entirely positive. Many Twitter users admitted to putting lemonade or soda within their water cups, and more said they wanted one or expressed disappointment that that had not been (yet) obtainable in the Chipotle store. Apparently they meant it, just because a few hours after it appeared in the Chipotle store, the candle was sold-out.

Perhaps, given its high popularity, the chain can make even more. While they’re at it, maybe they’ll recreate the cilantro soap aswell.

There is a growing audience of readers who get a daily text from me with a self-care or motivational micro-challenge or tip. Often they text me back and we end up in a conversation. (Thinking about joining? Here’smore infoandan invitation to a protracted trial offer.) Most are entrepreneurs or business leaders, plus they tell me how important it really is to approach every situation with lightness, compassion, and an excellent love of life. Chipotle’s reaction to a and common little bit of thievery is a good exemplory case of doing that.

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