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Chris Brown Slams R&B Is Dead Talks, Diddy Seemingly Responds Saying Conversation Was Out Of Love

Chris Brown isnt here for the R&B is dead conversation on social media marketing. On August 17, Diddy sparked days of discusses the genre after tweeting, who killed R&B?and following up withwhat’s your definition of R&B?

Artists and producers, from Summer Walker and Tory Lanez to Hitmaka, taken care of immediately Diddys assumption that R&B has gone out of here. Chris took to his Instagram platform on August 20 to slam the talks and shift the blame to too little desire to have real singers, insufficient coverage, and ugliness.

Whens the final time you heard a slow song on the air, Chris wrote on Instagram Story. Ns saying R&B is deadrespectfully shut up. People nowadays want junk food instead of a genuine meal.

Chris then shifted his rant to highlight having less media coverage on R&B.

Dont blame the true singers out here bekuz what channels do folks have to see music videos. BET damn sure dont. Neither does MTV, Chris wrote.

Like Chris, Diddy also known as out a public entity and their influence on the consumption and reward behind R&B. On August 19, he called out Billboard and their genre categorization.

Given that I’ve your attention..I am hoping you all know how important R&B would be to our culture!! We are in need of more love!! We are in need of more soul, Diddy wrote. In another tweet, he wrote, @Billboard why was R&B and Hip-Hop placed on exactly the same chart to contend with one another? Can someone in control over there show us WHY?!!

Chris Brown Says Garbage Music HAS BEEN Forced On Audiences

Breezy also blamed having less digestible music out there because of the music industrys choices of stars.

And the be forcing st on people once the real music lovers understand that st is garbage, Chris wrote.

Together with his tweets, Diddy solicited conversations concerning the genre with famous artists and producers/writers. For instance, he spoke to Tory Lanez, who disagreed that R&B is dead but said its culture is. Tory added that there appears to be the sentiment that R&B needs to be as raw and rugged as whats going on outside.

Now its such as this thing where it gotta be toxic. Because the na who started and been achieving this toxic st for approximately 8,9 years on the R&b, it dont gotta be toxic my na. I wanna hear about love again. Personally i think like theres insufficient moments in R&B now. He added, its the culture of it that I believe is dead.

LOVE (@Diddy) August 19, 2022

Summer Walker, Jermaine Dupri, And HitMaka Join The Convo

On August 19, Diddy also posted snippets of him discussing the genre with Summer Walker and Jermaine Dupri. Summers clip highlighted the existing desire to have shorter music versus the once traditional lengthy R&B songs.

Enough time thing is often a thing. Ive heard a million times, Oh Summer its too much time, its too much time. Like, I recall when songs back your day was literally like six minutes long, 5 minutes long and its own okay. After all, if its fing music especially like ignore it, Summer said.

LOVE (@Diddy) August 19, 2022

Meanwhile, Jermaine said the perfect solution is to R&Bs success is young artists who would like to model what he, Puff Daddy, along with other successful producers/artists did.

The quarterbacks in the 90s was the ns that has been shielding the R&B and ensuring the R&B sounded and looked just how it had been looking.

LOVE (@Diddy) August 19, 2022

However, HitMaka appeared to be nearer to Chris Browns wave. 1 day after Diddys initial tweet about R&B, HitMaka blasted his words on Instagram and Twitter.

Diddy done lost his whole damn mind talking bout R&B dead. Its so much good R&B out if u cant notice u gotta be outta touch, HitMaka tweeted. Stop trolling.

He reposted the tweet to his Instagram page. He tagged multiple artists, including Chris Brown, H.E.R., Jazmine Sullivan, Tink, Jhene Aiko, Usher, Jeremih, Bryson Tiller, Summer Walker DVSN, and Silk Sonic.

Personally i think u tho whatever to help make the single go #1, HitMaka wrote in his Instagram caption. Is Gotta MOVE AHEADbringing R&B back 2 life? #Respectfully

Chris Says INDIVIDUALS ARE Just Ugly, Diddy Seemingly Responds

Chris finished off his rant contrary to the R&B conversation using what seemed like just a little trolling.

R&B aint deadyall ns just ugly, Chris wrote.

Inside a few hours of Chriss post, Diddy tweeted concerning the debate. He clarified that his message was meant out of love versus disrespect.

Its been 3 days of the debatethis may be the clarity of the messageits not disrespect to anybody, Diddy wrote. This conversation was out of love and me purposely attempting to bring focus on R&B! It had been a thing that I saw the result of the hip-hop and R&B balance. That balance is honesty and realness as it pertains together, melodies, vulnerability & most importantly LOVE!!!

This message is that R&B game needs more love, vulnerability, support!!

LOVE (@Diddy) August 20, 2022

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