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Chris Evans reacts to hilarious She-Hulk reveal about Captain America

A couple of days before releasing the initial She-Hulk episode on Disney Plus, Marvel gave MCU fans an unbelievable preview filled up with spoilers. The She-Hulk scene was centered around a conversation about Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), culminating in an automobile crash.

We explained all the mind-blowing spoilers in the scene at that time and speculated it might be section of the first episode. As it happens that people were right. Also it works out that Chris Evans has reacted to all or any that discuss the former Captain Americas virginity. You need to watch the initial bout of She-Hulk before reading the spoilers below.

The big Steve Rogers reveal in She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) had exactly the same conversation for the reason that car scene that lots of MCU fans may have had at various points in the MCU history: Is Steve Rovers a virgin? Or was he a virgin when he went in to the ice by the end of World War 2?

Jen thinks he could be. At the very least thats what she tells Bruce right because they avoid a collision with a spaceship. As it happens that discussing Steve Rogers virginity when driving is dangerous. And that event will undoubtedly be forever linked with She-Hulks origin. Would she have already been able to steer clear of the spaceship without crashing the automobile with a clearer mind? Well never know.

What we can say for certain, however, is that Steve Rogers lost his virginity prior to going in to the ice. Jan manages to steal that confession from Hulk during her training while pretending to be drunk. Thats the amazing She-Hulk episode 1 credits scene, incidentally, and its own hilarious.

These She-Hulk scenes are essential for Chris Evans beloved character for another reason. Bruce Banner discusses Rogers in today’s tense, a sign that the former Cap is alive somewhere.

Chris Evanss reaction

In the event that you saw Steve Rogers, Captain America, and Chris Evans trending on social media marketing last week, at this point you know why. Its all due to the Steve Rogers gag in She-Hulk.

Thats the type of MCU Easter egg that may go viral. And thats probably what Marvel wants. That type of promotion might convince more folks to view She-Hulk. And which means subscribing to Disney Plus, the only real place streaming MCU adventures.

Given all of the attention Steve Rogers got on social media marketing, a reaction from Chris Evans was inevitable. Fans of the actor already presented the most obvious meme for the She-Hulk reveal, Chris Evans response from Free Guy. The actor played himself for the reason that movie, witnessing the usage of Captain Americas shield in the film (see clip above).

He eventually reacted to episode 1 on Twitter by posting a number of emojis. Chris Evans found the complete Steve Rogers She-Hulk gag hilarious. Also, he knows the Rogers secret, and he isnt telling. His reply went viral on Twitter, getting ultimately more than 400,000 likes, and confusing everyone who hasnt seen She-Hulk episode 1 along the way.

Maybe when Chris Evans returns to the MCU, Steve Rogers and She-Hulk can address the problem in more detail.

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