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Church Planting in Post-COVID Era Is about ‘Vision,’ New Survey Finds

THE BRAND NEW Faces of Church Planting and Multisiting survey examined approaches for church planting or multiplying.

In accordance with The Christian Post, within the survey, researchers examined church growth from respondents who said their church wouldn’t normally grow within the next five years and respondents who said their church would multiply 10 or even more times for the reason that same time.

The ones that believe their churches would multiply at the very least 10 times are growing nearly 10 times faster than churches when leaders and planters didn’t be prepared to grow.

Those that anticipated growth reported a 10 percent annual growth rate since being founded, while those that did not be prepared to grow reported just a .3 percent annual growth rate.

The survey considered the responses greater than 2,700 participants. Of the participants, a lot more than 2,300 were church planters and/or founding pastors, and nearly 390 were campus pastors or multisite directors.

Based on the data, the amount of new churches that drew 200 or even more people on its opening day dropped from 12 percent in 2019 to seven percent in 2020. In 2021, that number rose to 20 percent. By May 2022, however, the quantity dropped to 17 percent.

Growing churches with 500 or even more congregants in weekly worship attendance in 2022 spent about $322,000 on launch day.

Non-growing churches with attendance which range from 101-200 people for worship in 2022 spent about $247,000 typically at launch. Growing churches that maxed out at 200 for weekly worship in 2022 spent about $141,000 if they launched.

Non-growing churches whose attendance ranged between 51-100 in 2022 spent typically about $220,000 at launch, while growing churches whose attendance ranged from 51-100 in 2022 spent about $100,000 if they launched.

Most (83 percent) of the churches with numbers over 500 in weekly attendance said they paid their pastors regular right from the start. Comparatively, just 55 percent of churches with 50-100 attendees said exactly the same, and 52 percent of churches with significantly less than 50 attendees also said exactly the same.


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