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Cobra Kai Stars Reveal Their Pick to Win in Real-Life Tournament

The fifth season of Cobra Kai hits Netflix later this weekand is defined to get Daniel and Johnny within their most vulnerable position up to now with Terry Silver’s Cobra Kai empire having rapidly expanded anywhere, and his victory at the tournament forcing Miyagi-Do to close its doors. However when it involves who win in a real-life tournament on the list of cast, the stars of the fan favorite series involve some pretty interesting ideas about who included in this will be victorious.

Talking to, the cast of Cobra Kai largely was in agreement that Tanner Buchanan, who plays Robby Keene, will be the ultimate victor though William Zabka and Ralph Macchio had a somewhat differing opinion.

“Stingray,” Zabka said, discussing Paul Walter Houser’s character.

“Stingray completely,” Macchio added. “He evolves and gets better every season.

All of those other cast, however, felt pretty strongly that it might be Buchanan, though Donna O’Brien did claim that Xolo Mariduena is actually a contender aswell. Mary Mouser, who plays Samantha LaRusso, also suggested that Jacob Bertrand may be a contender, though she thought Tanner would get her vote.

“I’d vote Tanner or Jacob,” Mouser said.

For Season 5 of Cobra Kai, the ultimate scene of Season 4 showed Daniel reuniting with Chozen, his former rival, hoping that together the could remove Silver and his dojo. Following debut of Season 4, series co-creator Hayden Schlossberg told that that surprise cameo may have important meaning in Season 5.

“When Daniel visited Okinawa [inCobra KaiSeason 3], we saw that Chozen had lived this life of shame, coming off the events of Karate Kid II,” explained Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg. “And that Daniel arriving at Okinawa gave him a chance to redeem himself in his eyes. And we always felt he showed him a couple of moves, but he’s always likely to believe that responsibility to greatly help Daniel.”


“Therefore, the truth that by the end of Season 4, things are worse than they’ve ever been,” he continued. “Cobra Kai is popular than it’s ever been, with Terry Silver relishing it and completely force and Daniel supposedly needing to turn off Miyagi Do. That whenever you see it from Daniel’s perspective, what does he need to come back out of this?”

Cobra KaiSeason 5 is defined to debut on Netflix on September 9th.

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