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Codename Red will need the Assassin’s Creed franchise to feudal Japan

The overall game Assassins Creed fans have already been requesting years is finally coming. During its Ubisoft Forward event on Saturday, the publisher revealed Codename Red, a fresh entry in the series which will be occur feudal Japan. Franchise head Marc-Alexis Ct called Red another premium title in Ubisofts open world series and said Ubisoft Quebec was leading focus on the project, suggesting it’ll hew nearer to Odyssey than next years Mirage.

Ct also shared a teaser for Codename Hexe and called it an extremely different kind of Assassins Creed game. Ubisoft Montreal, the studio that first created the series is leading development on the project, with Clint Hocking involved as creative director. Hocking might not be children name, but hes probably being among the most influential designers at Ubisoft, with credits offering Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Far Cry 2. In accordance with a recent report from Bloombergs Jason Scheier, the overall game is set through the latter stages of the Holy Roman Empire.

Neither game includes a release date yet, but Ubisoft said they might both integrate with Infinity, something Ct called not just a game by itself, but an individual entry point in to the series. Ubisoft was cryptic in what Infinity would involve but Ct said the business was exploring the chance of fabricating standalone multiplayer experiences within the hub.

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