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Coi Leray Hops On Instagram Live TO HANDLE Concerns After Video Surfaces Of Her COMING ACROSS Intoxicated In A Bathtub

Sis, you good? Coi Leray had folks concerned about her well-being following a video of her coming across intoxicated surfaced online. In the video, Coi, who were fully dressed, was lying in a tub while a female tapped her, saying, Seriously, come on, seriously. Fueling more concerns, the Trendsetter shared a meme on Instagram which read, Its so crazy how happy I be when i drink. I understand why people be alcoholics.

Coi quickly stepped in to the Shade Room Okay to describe the situation. To begin alllll!!! Lmaooooo theres other videos before thissssssss lmaooo yall alll crazy!!!, she wrote. And seconddddd WE GET LITTTTTT and 3rd I usually enter the tub when Im drunk lmaoo yall leave me alone.

As speculations continued to go up, Coi hopped on Instagram live with her friend Nique to handle the concerns of others following a blog was lifting her up in prayer. I visit a vlog posted Pray for Coi Leray. Please pray for me personally. I need all of the prayers I could get, she laughed. Her friend assured individuals who Coi wasnt likely to drown in the tub, as the rapper said she had mixed 818 Tequila with Don Julio 1942 Tequila.

As the jokes continued to fly, Coi ushered her mother to visit live. Her mother came on guns blazing, defending her daughter. Go head, ma, inform them I wasnt drunk in the tub, Coi demanded. We’ve fun. Thats what we do. It had been all laughter and fun. Stop hating, her mother said firmly. She added, Fk outta here, were likely to protect her 100,000 percent.

Roomies, drop your comments and tell us what you think about Cois response.

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