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Collector Backed for Parking Outside Despite HOA Ban on ‘Class C’ Vehicles

A crafty car collector told Reddit how he outwitted his homeowners association (HOA) when it tried to create its residents only have one vehicle in the driveway.

The collector, u/Independent-Grape586, shared his story to the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit, which collects stories of individuals following rules exactly, even though not actually following spirit where those rules were intended. The initial poster (OP) earned over 19,100 upvotes and 1,100 comments for his post, “My HOA will learn that I absolutely live by the letter of regulations.”

The OP explains that the vehicles he hastwo cars, four motorcycles and a camperall run and so are insured. His household also offers four people who have driver’s licenses. While he normally stored most of these vehicles in his garage, when he saw his HOA rules allowed “only 1 Class C vehicle” in each driveway, u/Independent-Grape586 saw a chance.

In the usa, you can find typically three main classes of driver’s licenseClass A, that allows the holder to operate a vehicle large vehicles like tractor-trailers, tankers and flatbed trucks; Class B, that allows drivers to utilize large buses and small dump trucks; and Class C, the most typical kind of license, which pertains to standard vehicles, and also vehicles that may transport 16 or even more passengers that aren’t already described in another classes, based on the Department of Transportation.

However, the class designation identifies the license, not the kind of vehicle. There is no such thing as a “Class C vehicle,” an undeniable fact that the OP found in his favor.

“I placed 5 vehicles in my own driveway,” u/Independent-Grape586 wrote. “The letters came. I was quickly in a position to deflate them after asking them for the legal definition of a class C vehicle. No fines paid.”

Per year later, the HOA amended their rules to permit as much as three vehicles per driveway. However the OP wouldn’t be deterred, and did some research. He found that the HOA didn’t cover public streets, which have been ceded to the citywhich OP speculates was “an attempt to avoid needing to foot the maintenance bill.”

“The HOA had no authority to avoid folks from parking on a public street. THEREFORE I moved 2 vehicles the my very narrow street. One before my house, and something directly next door before my neighbors house,” u/Independent-Grape586 wrote. “Now, the only real vehicles which could safely drive past my home were motorcycles and the main one guy with a good car.

“It had been glorious. My street is really a main artery into and from the neighborhood. Plenty of uturns and backtracking for folks to obtain home or even to work,” he continued. “They’re the people who did all of those other work with me. Complaints and calls to the HOA president led to another rule change vote. Now my driveway is available to any level of legally registered vehicles.

“It fits 9…. I want more cars,” he added with a smiley face.

car collector hoa viral reddit malicious compliance
An automobile collector was praised for outwitting his HOA to be able to park his collection in his driveway.iStock/Getty Images

Newsweek has run several stories involving fights with HOAs. One man was fined after not moving his truck for just two days, because the HOA therefore considered it to be non-running. To get round the fines, he adjusted the truck to become “loud as hell,” then parked while watching HOA president’s home to gun the engine to prove his truck was indeed running.

Another HOA was criticized for telling a disabled war veteran to remove a wheelchair ramp. The reason why? It wasn’t made out of wood of the “right color.” After threatening the HOA with case beneath the Americans with Disabilities Act, it dropped the complaint.

And in a single case, an HOA tried to force its residents to take part in a mandatory garage sale with 10 percent of proceeds likely to the HOA. Also, the HOA demanded people sell “luxury goods.” Residents were also told to utilize Stripe, credit cards processing app, therefore the HOA could monitor profitsbut that the residents will be on the hook for fees.

Redditors applauded u/Independent-Grape586 for fighting back contrary to the HOA.

“Had an identical issue with my HOA. They decided that I couldn’t park my truck with a trailer on the road in frontnof the house. Sent me an excellent notice,” u/WinginVegas wrote. “I responded that I was parked legally plus they couldn’t regulate city streets. They stated that there is circumstances law that let HOAs manage streets within their community however they skipped on the part that it only put on gated communities where they did the maintenance.

“Got a letter from the Director of Parking for the town stating that only the town could regulate parking and a truck and trailer was legal for 72 hours and needed to be moved but there is no distance rules on what far it needed to be moved. They shut up quickly,” they added.

“A city I used to call home in got in big trouble with that. They used license plate scanners for traffic enforcement, and issued tickets if exactly the same plate was found on successive scans for longer compared to the allowed parking duration. The court ruled that because the system couldn’t prove the automobile was in exactly the same spot — just somewhere on the scanned street — it wasn’t valid proof a parking violation,” u/archbish99 added.

“The best first rung on the ladder of coping with HOAs would be to research their license/registration. This differs by location, however in my area this is a legal requirement of HOAs to be registered annually. If they’re not, nothing they request is legal,” u/cake__eater suggested.

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