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‘Come From Away’ Creators Think about Show’s Run and Enduring Appeal

Because the world remembers the 9/11 attacks 21 years later, a little town in Newfoundland has other memories from the next week. That story was captured in the Broadway musical hit RESULT FROM Away. Now, as RESULT FROM Away, just a little musical which could (and did), prepares to close following a run of over five years, the show’s creators David Hein and Irene Sankoff took time and energy to speak to Newsweek and think about the show’s creation and how it has affected audiences for over five years.

If they began focusing on it, interviewing locals in 2011, neither Sankoff nor Hein had any proven fact that RESULT FROM Away would blossom right into a Broadway hit and a cult favorite. Sankoff told Newsweek, “In early stages, I quit on anybody but Canadian high schools and universities [performing it]: Who else would care but Canadians? It had been CanConCanadian context. Kids will be forced to review in and take action. So, every step of just how. I am surprised.”

Hein added, “The truth that we got invited to a festival in NY was amazing. The truth that producers there have been thinking about the show was amazing. And the truth that we surely got to take action at La Jolla where Jersey Boys came fromthat was amazing. Every step of just how was something special and a surprise. And Broadway happened. Then it went beyond Broadway. Now it’s in Argentina, and it’s really opening in Finland this month. It’s incredible what lengths this little story of celebrating Newfoundland went.”

Also it was sometimes a little overwhelming. A significant part of the show’s journey was the production at the La Jolla Playhouse in 2016, where it had been directed by Christopher Ashley. Sankoff said, “I recall waking up in the center of the night time before La Jolla and being like, I cannot do that. How am I gonna decrease there and take down notes and do the rewrites they need us to accomplish? We’d an almost 2-year-old at that time and lots of individuals were telling me, ‘Well just David’s gonna go, right?’ I’m like, I don’t believe just David really wants to go. That isn’t really likely to work.”

Freedom to believe

Focusing on what she then thought was destined to be only a Canadian senior high school favorite helped just a little. Sankoff told Newsweek, “There is a bizarre type of freedom to thinking, Oh, nobody is ever likely to do that beyond Canada and it is important is that people honor individuals who the story is approximately, individuals in Newfoundland.

“There is lots of, ‘How will you do this, to create it commercial?’ And I was like, ‘You know very well what, I don’t believe you want to do that. You want to do this in a manner that easily ever sit back for coffee with the individuals who the story was about, I could do it and appearance them in the attention and say I told your story the most effective way I possibly could. And we do often sit back using them.'”

cast of Come From Away
The cast of “RESULT FROM Away” is approximately the sing farewell to “the Rock.”Matthew Murphy

Petrina Bromley, the lone native Newfoundlander in the initial cast, was a little uneasy initially. She previously told Newsweek that she was worried these outsiders would can be found in and make fun of the locals. However when she surely got to La Jolla and did the initial reading, her fears were assuaged.

Hein said, “That’s all that’s all we ever wanted was for the Newfoundlanders to state we first got it right.”

Bromley, Sankoff said, was “among the first people we asked to stay the show. We’d to visit NY and audition, and I was like, ‘I know it is a big deal ahead from Newfoundland and arrived at the audition. Please drop, and I’ll do everything in my own power to allow you to get seen. To truly get you a callback and obtain you cast,’ because I simply knew we needed a Newfoundlander in the area.”

Hein said, “I believe Petrina was worried that people were likely to do some stereotypical version of Newfoundlandersespecially us as ‘come from aways’. We really wished to obtain it right. We wished to obtain the music right: The accordion was detuned; the reeds were detuned just slightly, also it was played on a budget accordion. We wished to obtain the accents exactly right. We wanted them to state, ‘You first got it right.’ Because we wanted them to feel loved also to feel celebrated.”

That’s What This Show Is’

The staging is complex and precise. Kelly Devine’s choreography, without traditional, is paramount to the show’s success. Actually, you can easily overlook. Actors play many characters and move chairs and props, hit a mark, sing and change character in a moment. One missed beat could send a complete scene off-kilter.

Hein says, “It has 12 chairs that look a similar with a million spike tapes on the floor. And then the matter that I really like that, that nobody really sees concerning the choreography and the staging is that certain of our Newfoundlanders, Petrina, began to do is during rehearsal: At one point, there is an instant when two actors were downstage and something of these had to improve character

“Plus they needed to be in another seat, and he previously to be always a different guy,” Sankoff adds quickly.

“And we knew,” Hein continues, “that Chris was going to ask us to improve the sequence of the scenes. Since it just wouldn’t work from the staging perspective. And Petrina said, ‘Well, imagine if I just remove his jacket?’ So she will take off Kevin T.’s jacket and [the actor] immediately goes from Kevin T. and becomes Garth.

“And everyone in the area was like, ‘Oh, that’s what this show is: It isn’t about moving your chair to where you will need it to be next. It’s about taking somebody else’s jacket off, and carrying it to the trunk when you sing your harmony for another person, putting it on a chair in order to move it around so another person can pick it up, move it over there and it’s there for someone if they require it. It’s literally about helping people on stage and being there for the community on stage and moving the chair just with time for another person to take a seat on it.

“It changed the complete show.

“So when you truly watch the staging, a million times like we’ve, once you see each one of these details, you see these tiny little things: where one individual is not responsible for their prop. One prop can go through the complete cast before it finds the proper person. And it’s really this intricate magic trick that looks so simple. And the amount of detail they placed into it and the amount of complex thought still blows our mind.”

Bringing People Together

On / off stage, the staging brings the business together. Sankoff told Newsweek, “It is a family. And today that the show is closing and seeing the crew guys in tearsyou know, you have something special.”

Hein said, “The producers that people have Sue [Fros] and Randy [Adams] and Kenny and Marleen [Alhadeff [of Junkyard Dog Productions], I believe are among the better producers we’re able to ever have. They always include all the crew, leading of house, many people are at every event.

Sankoff said, “Yeah, the cleaning ladies are always at the cast parties.”

“Everyone’s included,” Hein said, “because most of us, we are all telling the story. I don’t believe it’s always like this.”

Hein and Sankoff took a deep breath, and he said, “THEREFORE I think we’re done. This is actually the best we’ll ever be, and that is wonderful.”

The fan a reaction to RESULT FROM Away has been impressive. Folks have seen the show multiple times, plus some travel great distances to wait show-related events. Many fans include those from Gander, on whom their characters are in least partially based. The household is continuing to grow and is growing.

Without big-name stars, the draw of RESULT FROM Away is definitely the story. It strikes a chord with audiences that few other shows have. In a global that often seems unnecessarily cruel, especially to outsiders, RESULT FROM Away, includes a message of inclusivity that seems won’t grow old any time in the future. It really is made even more powerful by the truth that the story holds true, the incidents happened and individuals are real. And also after it closes on October 2, it promises to visit well, and become well received, like those individuals who descended upon Gander and the neighboring towns were 21 years back.

RESULT FROM Away is playing at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, 236 West 45th Street, NY, through October 2. In the show’s final weeks on Broadway, original company members Josh Breckenridge, Petrina Bromley and Jenn Colella have returned to complete out the run.

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