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Common Culprits in Cancer Deaths; Fracking and Leukemia; Third-Hand Smoke

Almost half of cancer deaths worldwide are due to risk factors — with smoking, alcohol use, and high body mass index the most common culprits. (The Lancet)

Pennsylvania children living near fracking sites at birth were two to three times more likely to be diagnosed with leukemia between the ages of 2 and 7 years. (Yale University, Environmental Health Perspectives)

The steepest annual rise in new cases of stage IV cervical cancer was among white women (adenocarcinoma in particular), though Black women continue to face the highest incidence of these distant-stage cancers. (International Journal of Gynecological Cancer)

With a strong HPV vaccination program, and a concerted screening and treatment drive, could Rwanda be the first country to eliminate cervical cancer? (The Guardian)

Researchers at Northwestern University believe they have discovered a way of eliminating cancer-causing “forever chemicals” in everyday items like food packaging, non-stick frying pans, and makeup. (UPI, Science)

The NCI is awarding $23 million to four academic institutions to establish centers of excellence that will conduct research on the role of telehealth in delivering cancer-related healthcare.

Exposures to third-hand smoke — the residual nicotine and other hazardous chemicals that contaminate the indoor environment after smoking — exceed California health risk guidelines, suggesting that non-smokers can be exposed to health risks by living in contaminated spaces. (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Environmental Science & Technology)

According to Curis, the FDA has lifted the partial clinical hold on its phase I/II TakeAim Lymphoma study of emavusertib.

In honor of Olivia Newton-John, 135 AMC movie theaters across the U.S. are showing the 1978 film Grease, with a percentage of ticket proceeds going to breast cancer research. (People)

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