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Could Bryce Harper’s Favorite MLB Player Join the Philadelphia Phillies in 2022 MLB Seaon?

Bryce Harper knows just what sort of influence he’s got because the face of the Philadelphia Phillies franchise. He knows that both fans and ownership pay attention to him and respect his opinions.

That is why he put pressure upon ownership and general manager Matt Klentak to re-sign J.T. Realmuto in 2020.

“Realmuto must be our catcher next year basically,” Bryce Harper said just moments following the 2020 season ended in articles by Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia.

It wasn’t the very first time the Phillies, Harper and Realmuto were played off each other in a bid to create the duo together.

Through the 2018 MLB All-Star game, Harper placed a Washington Nationals cap on Miami Marlin Realmuto. Noting both players’ affinity for every other, the Phillies traded for the All-Star catcher just weeks prior to making their final free agent offer for Harper.

Phillies teammates Harper and Realmuto chat in the dugout.

Phillies teammates Harper and Realmuto chat in the dugout.

Through the winter of 2021-22, Harper expressed his admiration free of charge agent sluggers Kris Bryant, Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber.

“There’s three guys on the market that may really help us,” Harper said in articles by Scott Lauber of The Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’d definitely be considered a downer [if we didn’t sign among them].”

After his comments, the Phillies only went and signed two of the three players Harper wanted. Whether Harper had any impact for the reason that is usually to be determined, however the fulfillment of his wishes has turn into a reoccurrence.

That is why it had been so meaningful when Harper praised Trea Turner on Thursday night’s Phillies broadcast.

“Turner is the best player in the league, it isn’t even close.”

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This is not the very first time Harper has already established kind words for Turner, “I believe Trea Turner is among the most underrated players in the overall game,” Harper told USA Today‘s Bob Nightengalein June.”Hes among those guys that just goes beneath the radar.”

Both were teammates for three . 5 season in Washington, from 2015-2018. Harper knows how impactful Turner could be, both on the basepaths and on defense, and also offensively.

Turner, who’ll turn 30 in 2023, is really a career .850 OPS hitter and above average defender at shortstop, evidenced by 11 career defensive runs saved. He’s stolen 221 bags, and then be caught 41 times.

Free agency will dsicover a multitude of suitors for just one of the game’s top shortstops, this Harper knows well.

“Hes among the best shortstops in the overall game,” Harper continued. “Im excited to see where he goes next year.”

He could be also well aware that the Phillies have just exceeded the blissful luxury tax, another of his off-season requests.

“And I believe we shall go completely to $230 [million], as of this moment. I am hoping,” Harper told Lauber last winter.

Already cresting that threshold, the Phillies don’t possess much wiggle room, thankfully, the team’s five mega-contracts are disseminate over a long time. Despite agreeing to probably the most expensive free agent contract ever at it’s signing, $330 million, Harper’s AAV is $25.4 million.

With so much money coming off the books after 2022 by means of Didi Gregorius, Jean Segura, Crey Knebel etc., the Phillies approximate payroll for 2023 is about $164 million in accordance with Spotrac.

Which means the Phillies are absolve to add another $69 million in payroll before even exceeding the initial luxury tax threshold, something they’ve now expressed their willingness to accomplish.

Even though Turner requests a $30 million AAV, it is a price John Middleton and the Phillies ownership are able.

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