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Could Philadelphia 76ers Call San Antonio Spurs for Tobias Harris Trade?

The San Antonio Spurs have plenty of salary cap space remaining to defend myself against a large contract in an income dump trade.

The San Antonio Spurs are positioned to be suitable to either get compensated when planning on taking on big contracts or even to help facilitate a blockbuster trade. Given they’re in a rebuild, their finest usable asset right now is cap space.

As the inevitable Russell Westbrook tradehas yet that occurs, there are many other players signed to big contracts that may be moved in an income dump style trade. The type of names is Tobias Harris, who’s set to earn $37.6 million through the 2022-23 season.

Harris is a great player who’s coming off a good season with averages of 17.2 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 3.5 assists. Why would the 76ers turn to trade him? It has less to accomplish about his talent or impact, but about be it an efficient usage of salary cap space both in today’s and long-term.

Harris is signed through the 2023-24 season, that could become a concern for the 76ers when accounting because of their future finances. Harden took substantially less overall this offseason as he’ll earn $33 million this year, nonetheless it remains to be observed just how long he’ll take discounts.

Joel Embiid will earn $43.7 million when he begins his new contract next season. Harden may possibly also decline his player substitute for negotiate a fresh contract next summer. Meanwhile, Maxey will start his second NBA contract the next season.

If the 76ers believe that keeping Harris because of this season affords them the very best possiblity to contend for a championship, then waiting is practical. However, should they can swing a deal for more cohesive complementary talents to field a deeper depth chart, that may be an enticing possibility.

In a recently available trade speculation piece, NBA Analysis Networkincluded the Spurs partly of some trade ideas that could help the Philadelphia 76ers to fuel their quest for an NBA title. San Antonio would distribute three veterans in trade for Tobias Harris and another draft asset.

Philadelphia 76ers Receive: C Jakob Poeltl, F Doug McDermott, G/F Josh Richardson

San Antonio Spurs Receive: F Tobias Harris, 2029 First-Round Pick (PHI)

The thought of the 76ers shifting from Harris’ salary was largely based on the chance of executing a star acquisition for a new player like Bradley Beal. He finished up agreeing to a supermax contract extension and that is no longer a choice.

At this time, there isn’t a lot of a competitive landscape for the 76ers to utilize Harris’ contract for salary matching in a blockbuster trade. They don’t have what must be done to land Kevin Durant and the Utah Jazz desire future draft capital for Donovan Mitchell within their trade negotiations.

There exists a case to be produced for the 76ers to pursue a trade to create them a deeper team, though. Now they will have P.J. Tucker to deploy within their starting lineup as a complementary option. Adding three effective role players would make their bench unit among the deepest in the NBA.

If the 76ers desire to focus their offense at the top three options Embiid, Harden, and Maxey they might benefit form trading Harris eventually. Maxey has improved each season and can need more usage. Harris, however, neglects to be used enough since it is at the organic flow of these half-court offense.

The chance for the 76ers will be Poeltl entering the ultimate year of his contract. It appears rather unlikely that he’d be satisfied re-signing to be Embiid’s backup when he’s got the talent to become a starting focus on an absolute team.

The Spurs could reap the benefits of waiting to pursue a deal of the nature. The worthiness of it appears fair for the present time taking into consideration the 76ers don’t have the urgency to possess to go Harris’ contract at this time. However, you need to capitalize on a team that’s desperate to locate a taker for a large contract at the proper moment.

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