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Cracking high egg prices: Palsgaard says switching emulsifier offers cost saving of 5%

Within an atmosphere of steep cost inflation across key food commodities, egg prices haven’t proven immune.

Data from Mintec shows EU egg prices from October 2021-March 2022 risen to 1.465/MT, up 16% when compared to average price for the last period, from April-September 2021. Mintec attributed this jump to strong retail demand and high feed prices.

Recent months have observed the problem worsen. Supply can be being squeezed first by an outbreak of salmonella in the EU and, recently, by bird flu and war in Ukraine. The most recent figures released by the European Egg Processors Association this month show the amount of total eggs designed for consumption in the EU were down -2.5% in 2022 versus 2021.

With eggs accounting for just as much as 30% of the expense of cake recipes, for example, industrial bakers are increasingly being hit particularly hard.

“We realize the pain industrial bakers are feeling. They’re telling us they’ve seen the purchase price they purchase eggs increasing from 1 euro to 3 euro per litre within weeks. Eggs already are probably the most expensive section of a cake recipe, explained Palsgaard senior applications specialist for bakery Christophe Lequet.

The Danish ingredient manufacturer believes it includes food manufacturers a remedy to these spiking costs. Palsgaard claims its whipping-active emulsifiers could be leveraged in bakery formulations to lessen the egg content of cake recipes allowing significant cost reductions.

Selection of emulsifier can reduce egg requirement

The quantity of eggs needed in a cake recipe is basically dependent on the decision of emulsifier found in the merchandise formulation, Palsgaard formulation experts explained. Traditional cake gels or hydrates, which are usually predicated on monoglycerides, is capable of doing poorly on stability, and therefore more egg is necessary.

To overcome this challenge, Palsgaard is rolling out a number of powdered emulsifiers for the industrial bakery segment.

Predicated on polyglycerol esters (PGEs) of essential fatty acids offering aeration and in addition improve stability because of the hydrophilic properties, Palsgaard says its approach can slice the egg content of cakes by typically 20%. This means an average cost reduced amount of around 5%, the business revealed.

The figures are ‘amazing’, Lequet claimed. “A manufacturer who producers 5000 metric tonnes of cakes each year could save a lot more than 200,000 annually. And that may prob rise as eggs become a lot more expensive.

Other performance benefits

Palsgaard business development manager Sheila Rice added that emulsifiers can deliver other performance enhancements in bakery. The stunning thing about our whipping-active emulsifiers is they solve this type of wide variety of challenges in cake production. Lower costs through reduced egg use can be an obvious advantage, but you can find so many performance benefits too, she claimed.

Rice suggested whipping-active emulsifiers – such as Palsgaards Emulpals range for cake pre-mixes and Palsgaard SA – can shape, volume and crumb structure in cakes, in addition to simplifying production and accelerating output.

The companys offering also ticks a great many other boxes food innovators are considering: the are plant-based, sustainably sourced and stated in CO2-neutral factories.

The ingredient could also be used to generate better-for-you cakes because they’re clear of trans fats and may allow a shift from saturated to unsaturated oils. The correct emulsifier could possibly be the key to the required structure, volume and appearance of one’s cake, and also providing the chance to generate better-for-you recipes, Rice said.

Palsgaard will undoubtedly be showcasing its whipping active emulsifiers at the upcoming IBIE trade show in NEVADA, where in fact the company is hosting an understanding sharing session on this issue.

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