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Crazy D23 Expo leak might reveal Marvels mind-blowing MCU surprises

Disneys big D23 Expo is underway, with a Marvel panel on Saturday likely to deliver several big MCU reveals. Thats along with the massive Comic-Con developments, where Kevin Feige stunned fans with an array of announcements that went well beyond our wildest expectations.

We curently have a lot of rumors and predictions concerning the D23 Expo, with Fantastic Four and Deadpool 3 topping the set of potential announcements. But we also eventually have discovered a crazy D23 Expo leak that may ruin most of Marvels big announcements.

Beware, big spoilers might follow below.

Before we reach the crazy D23 Expo leak, well remind you of an equally audacious report claiming Marvel inked handles several amazing actors who might arrive at D23. Heres a reminder of who’s on that list: John Boyega, Henry Cavill, Jodie Comer, Daisy Edgar-Jones, John Krasinski, Giancarlo Esposito, and Denzel Washington.

The key reason why these names are essential is most likely obvious. Each of them come in the crazy leak that Redditors surfaced from 4chan. Thats not probably the most trusted spot to get Marvel leaks from. Simultaneously, weve seen a lot of accurate MCU leaks result from 4chan during the past.

Also, unlike other MCU leaks, we dont need to wait too much time to see if this pans out. Marvels D23 Expo panel is merely nearby on Saturday, September 10th.

The one who posted the info claims theyre linked to a graphic designer and marketing assistant who done cards for the Marvel part of D23.

In here are some, well cover all of the wild claims.

Is Henry Cavill arriving at the MCU?

Apparently, the solution is really a resounding yes. However the following rumor contradicts recent Cavill leaks having said that he’ll not play Hyperion:

Henry Cavill Hes Hyperion, will undoubtedly be in Loki S2 with the Squadron Supreme doing work for Kang. probably in post credit scene of Ant-Man 3

Ant-Man 3 trailer will air at D23 Expo

Marvel has recently shown a trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania at Comic-Con. And we already learned whats inside it. The next details somewhat match those leaks, but its not perfect:

Ant-Man 3 First trailer. Begins with Scott and Hope in the home when his daughter arrives already wearing her Ant-Man suit. Something regarding being from the near future and needing to bring them with her. Kang wears the Og suit but no blue face. Bill Murray will there be and recognizes Janet. Hank shown fighting and growing in microverse

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania title card. Image source: Disney

Marvels Werewolf by Night release date

Even though this Marvel D23 Expo rumor doesnt pan out, time is running out. Marvel must start talking more concerning the MCUs Werewolf by Night, that ought to premiere on Disney Plus in late October. The leak actually supplies a supposed release date:

Werewolf by Night The special will undoubtedly be announced to premiere October 27th. A trailer is shown which has Jacob fighting Elsa Bloodstone in monochrome. End stinger has Man-Thing open his eyes but theyre yellow. No casting for Man-Thing is revealed.

First rumored D23 Expo bombshells from Marvel: Nova and Wonder Man

That’s where things begin to get crazy. Remember John Boyega? Well, hes apparently playing Nova if this leak is accurate. In addition, Henry Goulding may be playing Wonder Man:

Nova John Boyega has been cast as Richard Ryder. John C. Reilly will undoubtedly be announced to be returning the role. The show will premiere in 2025.

Wonder Man Henry Golding is playing him. Ben Kingsley is announced to stay the show playing Simon Williams acting teacher. Releasing Summer 2024.

Deadpool 3 title and release date

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Korg (Taika Waititi) respond to a trailer free of charge Guy. Image source: Ryan Reynolds

Needlessly to say, Deadpool 3 is another hot D23 Expo topic. Well hopefully see Marvel announce the film soon:

Deadpool 3 The title of the film is in fact likely to be called Deadpool: Maximum Effort. Zazie Beetz is returning as Domino. Releasing February 2024.

First Secret Invasion trailer

Secret Invasion is among the most exciting MCU adventures of Phase 5. It premieres early next year, and D23 Expo might deliver the initial trailer:

Secret Invasion Trailer is shown. Nick Fury drives a spaceship. Talos has Goose. Emilia Clarke is playing a skrull queen I your investment name they explained []. Olivia Colman is playing Union Jack.

First Echo teaser

Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios' Echo, exclusively on Disney+.
Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Marvel Studios Echo, exclusively on Disney+. Image source: Marvel Studios

Similarly, Marvel might show the initial Echo teaser, a show thats arriving at Disney Plus next summer:

Echo Teaser is shown. Echo fights some ninjas in white and yellow outfits. Daredevil is shown and wearing the yellow suit still. No Kingpin.

Eternals sequel includes a name

This isnt the 1st time weve heard that an Eternals sequel is in the cards for D23 Expo. However the leak also mentions it, filled with a potential title and release date:

Eternals Eternals: Acheron is announced for late 2025. Original cast is returning.

Ironheart teaser at D23 Expo

Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) making her Ironheart armor.
Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) making her Ironheart armor. Image source: Marvel Studios

To arrive fall 2023, Ironheart may be the TV show that may why don’t we meet Iron Mans replacement. Thats Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), who’ll first come in Wakanda Forever this season. However the first Ironheart teaser might play at D23 Expo:

Ironheart Teaser revealing a fresh suit and confirming Ezekial Stane because the villain.

Marvels Fantastic Four cast arriving at D23 Expo

This is exactly what Marvel fans are looking forward to probably the most from D23 Expo: the Fantastic Four cast. Which leaker claims to learn who they’re.

John Krasinski isnt a surprise, however, many rumors say he wont function as MCUs primary Mister Fantastic. Also, Jodie Comer appeared in various Sue Storm rumors. Weirdly enough, so did Seth Rogen:

Fantastic Four Main cast revealed. John Krasinski is Reed, Jodie Comer is Sue, Johnny is Ross Lynch, Ben is Seth Rogen. No Dr. Doom casting. Daisy Edgar-Jones cast as someone named Alicia.

John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2.
John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2. Image source: Marvel Studios

Marvel villain bombshells for World War Hulk and Blade

Remember Giancarlo Esposito and Denzel Washington from the sooner rumor? Well, youre likely to want to sit back because of this. If this D23 Expo leak is real, then Marvel just scored a few amazing villains for the Multiverse Saga:

World War Hulk Miniseries announced for Fall 2025. Giancarlo Esposito is playing the primary villain called the Judicator.

Blade Teaser shown. Blade fights one vampire in a dark church. Showcases Ali in tactical gear. No trench coat. Denzel Washington is Dracula.

Spider-Man 4 release date

Finally, this crazy Marvel D23 Expo leak appears to suggest the Spider-Man 4 release date announcement is coming, without the actual big reveals:

Spider-Man Nothing special. Announced for 2024. No casting reveals. No title reveal.

As crazy as it might sound, we did visit a different rumor recently that indicated Spider-Man 4 could easily get a 2024 release.

Well soon know whether all this information is legitimate.

More Marvel coverage: For more MCU news, visit our Marvel guide.

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