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Crazy Ooho edible water spheres didnt pan out, therefore the company pivoted

Startups can be found in all sizes and shapes. But when your organization model seeks to displace probably the most simple, ubiquitous products on earth plastic containers. It must be unbelievably brilliant to possess any chance at success. Enter Ooho edible water, an edible bottle developed by startup Skipping Rocks Lab, which rebranded right into a company called Notpla. Its something that has been perfectly fitted to internet hype. It looked crazy, seemed useful, also it had not been particularly difficult to assume deploying it yourself. Nonetheless it never did remove quite as people thought. So Notpla had to pivot and is looking for more methods to eliminate plastic waste.

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How Ooho edible water spheres work

Ooho spheres are manufactured by dipping frozen liquid balls into an algae mixture that forms a membrane round the ice. The ice melts into liquid water and membrane, that is edible and biodegradable, forming a watertight seal around it. To take the liquid, it is possible to either bite in to the tasteless membrane. You might sip it out or eat the complete ball, membrane and all.

But there have been a few issues with the companys approach. Skipping Rocks Labs mission to create Ooho a staple of festivals, marathons, along with other outdoor events was an excellent start. Those are situations where single-serving beverages without waste are suitable. But their wider goal was to end up being the global treatment for water and drinks on the run. This is an impossible task.

Unlike bottles, single-gulp water isn’t something the majority of us need or even would discover a way to utilize daily. The membrane is pretty delicate, as demonstrated in videos showcasing Ooho being drank. It isn’t something youd toss in a bag or backpack alone. And as the membrane is edible. If Skipping Rocks envisioned Ooho for sale at food markets, it could mean selling it within another external packaging. It is because of the delicate, edible membrane. Which completely negates its packaging-free mission.

What happened to Ooho

The no-plastic-needed concept turned Ooho edible water right into a tiny viral sensation. However the idea wasnt as sustainable because the company thought. The spheres have a restricted shelf life and commence to shrivel and break following a small amount of time. In July 2019, the business rebranded from Skipping Rocks Lab to Notpla, standing for Not Plastic.

Ooho continues to be definitely an excellent idea. There could be a method to use this idea later on. Recently, sauce sachets are just around the corner on the companys website. It is possible to still purchase Ooho edible water spheres. They’re still useful for cocktails and races.

But with the rebrand, Notpla has centered on sustainable packaging that is clearly a bit sturdier. Notpla started making seaweed-coated food packaging. The packaging is manufactured out of seaweed along with other plants, rendering it biodegradable. It really is created for liquids and is biodegradable from 4-6 weeks.

Notpla containers

ooho edible water rebranded as Nopla
Notpla containers Image source: Notpla

That is designed for on-the-go consumption, in fact it is more sustainable than plastic ones. You can buy an incident of 200 of these, so it’s a fantastic option for restaurants. The dimension of every box is 90 x 110mm on the bottom, 106 x 127mm at the top, and 65mm for height. Ideal for wet, cold, hot, or dry food, there exists a place for these. They’re home compostable aswell. The packaging doesnt contain any PET recycling.

Notpla is really a London startup which has raised 6.3 million and looks to go towards eliminating packaging. Notpla formed a partnership in 2019 with Just Eat and Unilever to generate more sustainable food packaging. The containers and Ooho donate to eliminating acid inside our oceans.

In addition they sell pipettes which are 12 units for 12. They are able to hold oil, rendering it simpler to drizzle some over your pizza, pasta, or vegetables.


What’s Ooho edible water manufactured from?

Ooho water is constructed of algae or seaweed, and calcium chloride by the Skipping Rocks Lab, now referred to as Notpla.

What’s edible water manufactured from?

An edible water bottle is constructed of plants and seaweed. Both substances in the package are sodium alginate that is the seaweed, and calcium chloride.

Just how long does Ooho last?

Ooho edible water bottles degrade within six weeks if they’re not consumed. That is safer for the surroundings than plastic containers, which take about 450 years to degrade.

What does edible water taste like?

Edible water balls haven’t any natural taste. They taste neutral, exactly like water.

In what ways may be the Ooho water orb much better than a plastic bottle?

The Ooho water packaging is manufactured with biodegradable materials which are best for the surroundings. Created from seaweed, this edible water bottle can replace plastic containers. They don’t endanger the earth, unlike plastic water bottles, plus they are bio-degradable.

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