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Crown Commercial Service opens door to Salesforce

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The Crown Commercial Service has agreed a Memorandum of Understanding with Salesforce to facilitate public sector usage of the suppliers services and products, including Tableau, Slack and Mulesoft

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Published: 11 Aug 2022 12: 15

The governments Crown Commercial Service has agreed a one-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Salesforce to create it easier and much more cost-efficient, it says, for the general public sector to utilize the suppliers services and products.

Along with Salesforces homegrown sales and marketing software delivered over various clouds as something, this agreement reaches the suppliers acquired technologies, collaboration platform Slack and data visualisation provider Tableau.

Philip Orumwense, commercial director and chief technology procurement officer at the CCS, said: I’m delighted that Crown Commercial Service and Salesforce have already been in a position to reach agreement with this MoU. It’ll allow UK public sector customers to gain access to a competitive baseline of pricing by recognising our aggregated public sector spend; and ensures a cost-effective marketplace with usage of best of breed solutions for every requirement.

The agreement will further ensure increased collaboration and aggregation of government and wider public sector spend to accomplish increased automation, forecasting, reporting and customer engagement management tools.

The CCS has issued similar Memoranda of Understanding with Oracle, and a swathe of other technology suppliers, including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Workday and Google Cloud.

The MoU statement highlights relationship management, case management, collaboration, and analytics services and products on the list of capabilities that’ll be open to civil servants on a rapidly configurable secure low-code platform.

The CCS may be the countrys largest public procurement organisation. In 2021 and 2022 it says it helped the general public sector achieve commercial great things about almost 3bn.

The primary components of the MoU are: a discount on licences, on data and applications integration platform Mulesoft and also the other Salesforce technologies; free experimental projects; immediate access to Salesforces small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) implementation partners; and discounted training and support.

A discounted trial of Salesforces Net Zero Cloudservice can be bundled in to the deal.

From vaccine distribution to call centre operations, governments have observed at first-hand the energy of what our technology can perform for them and their citizens: delivering high-quality digital services, driving efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, saidGavin Patterson, president and chief revenue officer at Salesforce.

At Salesforce, were delighted that the MoU will support the task of our thriving ecosystem of UK SMEs, who provide vital implementation and training support to public bodies. Were also proud to keep to create on our history of enabling public service teams to provide more, faster.

The CCS offers webinars to public sector organisations to gauge what they might gain from the MoU with Salesforce.

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