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DO-IT-YOURSELF!! appears like the most recent entry in the “cute girls doing cute things” genre with the most common “save the club” premise, but cliches aren’t a death knell for a string as long as they implemented within an entertaining or unique way. What DO-IT-YOURSELF!! lacks in originality it creates up ten-fold in charm.

The series occurs in an exceedingly near-future environment where delivery drones roam the skies, self-driving buses take school girls to and from school, and 3D printing medical-grade devices may be the norm. Serufu is oblivious to the majority of the tech (and world) around her. She lives in a decidedly traditional Japanese house with her mother while her tsundere (and perhaps a lot more than) companion Miku lives nearby in fully tech-integrated house. Initially, it looks like the show will concentrate on the pair’s relationship as Miku grows increasingly frustrated with Serufu’s inability to get on her behalf passive-aggressive signals but Miku requires a backseat for the premiere and only establishing Serufu’s entry in to the declining DO-IT-YOURSELF!! Club.

As a protagonist, Serufu has big “golden retriever” energy. She’s got around three braincells fighting for dominance, is covered in Band-aids from frequent spills, and, in accordance with her mother, used to consume crayons. Her clumsiness resulted in a whole craft ban in her house after numerous accidents. She decides to provide handiwork another shot after she encounters upperclassman Rei who’s in a position to fix her bike on the fly. What Serufu lacks in reliability she accocunts for for in sincerity, but her personality may be divisive for a few viewers who find her laziness and helplessness frustrating (like her friend Miku).

PINE JAM gave DO-IT-YOURSELF!! a simplistic look that fits its tone well. There is a nice paper-like texture in every the backdrop art that exudes a homey vibe and casually ties in to the overall theme. The vocals features whistling to essentially drive the mood home. DO-IT-YOURSELF!! is overall “comfy” and I cannot really lob any complaints at a show that really wants to teach you how exactly to properly work with a power drill. That is clearly a useful skill, and by the short clip by the end, the show will expand beyond carpentry to other forms of physical media arts and crafts.

Lastly, the primary character’s name may be the silliest pun I’ve heard in awhile. Yua Serufu. Just say it aloud.

DO-IT-YOURSELF!! will stream on Crunchyroll in October.

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