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Crypto Unicorns Characters Get 4 New Mobile Games

The overall game development and R&D studio Laguna Games has just announced it’ll expand its Crypto Unicorns franchise with four new mobile titles for iOS and Android. The brand new mobile titles are set to mix casual mobile gaming with the favorite characters from Crypto Unicorns.

crypto unicorns graphic consisting of 3 different types of unicorns
Crypto Unicorns is taking its multiverse to greater heights later this season.

What we realize up to now about these unicorn-themed mobile games

Players can get four new mini-games to be released later this season. Unigatchi is really a Crypto Unicorns undertake the favorite virtual pet game, Tamagotchi. Like Tamagotchi, the purpose of each player would be to keep their unicorn happy and healthy.

Bumper Corns is really a multiplayer game where in fact the player must bump other unicorns off the land to win. Mob Run is another multiplayer game where players compete to build up the biggest mob of unicorns. Finally, Rainbow Rumble is really a winner takes all battle royale-style game.

We have been working with an unbelievable band of global developers to create generational IP together on Crypto Unicorns, said Laguna Games CEO, Aron Beierschmitt. The hyper-casual gaming market is really a huge untapped opportunity that people have become excited to begin with pursuing. We anticipate bringing our collectibles to cellular devices all over the world by the finish of next year.

About Crypto Unicorns

Since its launch earlier this season, Crypto Unicorns has shown to be an enormous success. Players have collected 2,200 ETH worth of land and pet collectibles. Additionally, the overall game has been named the very best Project on Polygon. Crypto Unicorns is an extremely attractive game for non-web3 natives, as players don’t need crypto or NFTs to take pleasure from the entire experience. Undoubtedly, these mobile games will mark the initial wave of hybrid, casual blockchain games to reach on cellular devices.

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