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Cuba’s first monkeypox case recorded in Italian tourist

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Cuba reported its first case of monkeypox Saturday within an Italian tourist who’s in “critical” condition, medical ministry said.

The individual, who found its way to Cuba Monday and was hospitalized three days later, “is in along with his life in peril,” the said in an email broadcasted by National Television News.

After feeling unwell Wednesday, the patient’s health worsened and by Thursday he was used in a healthcare facility for “intensive treatment, arriving in that he recovered.”

The tourist had stayed in accommodations house and “visited several places in the country’s western provinces,” the ministry said.

It didn’t supply the patient’s age or other details.

The ministry said it could perform an approved protocol for coping with monkeypox.

2022 AFP

Citation: Cuba’s first monkeypox case recorded in Italian tourist (2022, August 21) retrieved 21 August 2022 from

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