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Cyberflashing could turn into a thing of days gone by on Instagram

Cyberflashing, the practice of sending unsolicited and unwanted nude photos to people via social media marketing apps or through other means, is really a serious offence, punishable by prison in a few countries, including Scotland, Singapore and soon, England and Wales.

Now, it would appear that Instagram’s parent company Meta is finally getting seriously interested in it too.

Developer Alessandro Paluzzi pointed out that Instagram is focusing on an attribute called “Nudity protection.”

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The feature’s description says it could “securely detect and cover nudity,” and that Instagram cannot access these photos. Users could have the choice to see the photos or not, turn the feature on / off, and obtain safety tips about coping with sensitive photos.

In a statement to The Verge, Meta confirmed the feature, whose goal is for users to safeguard themselves from nude photos along with other unwanted messages, is in first stages of development. The business compared the feature using its filters that allow users to hide abusive message and comments on the platform.

“Were working closely with experts to make sure these new features preserve peoples privacy, while providing them with control on the messages they receive,” a Meta spokesperson told the outlet.

Meta plans to talk about more details concerning this feature within the next couple of weeks.

A UK government report from March, which announced the upcoming anti-cyberflashing legislation, cited research from 2020 that discovered that 76 percent of girls aged 12-18 have been sent unsolicited nude images of boys or men. The law slated to be section of the Online Safety Bill treats cyberflashing as seriously as in-person flashing, and proposes a maximum sentence of 2 yrs in prison for offenders.

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